How To Make The Apple Logo On The Back Of Your iPhone Light Up

Jay Dawson August 21st 2017 Tech
The iPhone is a pretty rad phone, it's true. But did you know that it could be a whole lot radder? You know, like MacBook rad? Well, it's true. A man by the name of David Cogen, the founder of popular tech mod site The Unlockr, has worked out a way to make that Apple logo on the back of your iPhone 6 light up, just like the MacBook. Want to know how to do it yourself? Read on...

Get The Kit

Unless you're a modern-day MacGyver and have three elastic bands, a house key, and some salad dressing on hand, you're better off with the apple light kit from The Unlockr, which contains all the bits and tools you'll need for this operation. Grab it online and glare at your dumb lame phone until it arrives in the mail. Then turn it off. Now, you're ready.

A Word About The Warranty

Just a quick reminder about one very important fact: opening up your iPhone in any way is going to void your warranty, so if you mess it up, you're on your own. The standard warranty's only a year, though, so if you've had your phone for longer than that you're on your own anyway. Then you may as well go for it.


The two screws that hold the two halves of the cover together are located on the bottom of the phone, either side of the charging port. Found them? Sweet. Your kit should have come with a little jeweler's screwdriver, which you need to use to take these screws off. Keep those tiny screws handy once they've come off, because you'll need them to put your monster back together again.

Separating The Plates

This is a fairly delicate part of the operation. Those two halves of the phone cover are going to be jammed pretty tight together, even when the screws are out, so you'll need to apply pressure. But not too much pressure, or when they pop you'll end up with each half on opposite sides of the room. Use the included suction cap on your screen as a pulling point, and the jimmying tool to gently - gently! - pry the two halves apart.

Be Careful

When the two halves come apart, you have to remember one very important thing. The two halves are connected at one end by a set of cables, and if you open the phone too far, you're going to irreparably damage your tables and make yourself a nice expensive paperweight. When you're pulling the two halves apart, don't pull then further than 90° - i.e. perpendicular to each other. You do remember math class, right?

Removing The Battery And Plate

Unscrew the metal plate covering the end of the cables, and carefully remove the cables from the socket. Now, with the two halves fully separate, you can also remove the battery to get to the Apple logo. It'll be lightly glued in, so get out the jimmying tool again and be gentle but firm. Like all great projects, the key is not to rush.

Installing The Kit

Now it's time for the fun part: installing the kit. It's also pretty much the easiest step of the lot, since it's fairly hard to go wrong with lining up an outline of an apple with another apple. Unless you failed preschool. If you get stuck or don't know exactly what to do, just check out the picture above. Clear? All in? Alright, let's move on...

Adding The Sponge

If you understand any electronics, the last two steps are going to make sense. If not, you'll just have to trust us and Cogen that we know what we're doing. In your kit should be a T-shaped sponge, which you need to attach to the LED light cable that's poking out from your fancy new Apple logo light kit.

Electrical Tape

Next, you'll need to use the included electrical tape to cover that light cable and tape it down. This part can be a bit tricky, but it's essential to having a fully functioning light. When in doubt, look at the pictures. This kind of electrical tape can be bought at most hardware stores, so maybe give it a few practice runs on something else before you commit.

If You're Having Trouble...

Stick a fork in it: it's done. Reconnect the phone cable, remount the battery, screw everything back on in the reverse order from how you unscrewed it. If you did everything right, you've got a sweet new phone! We know that all the steps are a lot to take in, but the end result is totally worth it. And if you do have any trouble, Cogen's made a video that'll explain it all. Enjoy.


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