20 Things that a Man Should Never Say to a Woman

TonyTwoGuns March 23rd 2015 Humor
Men find themselves in the doghouse all the time, because of their big mouth. If you do not want to get in trouble with the old lady, it advised that you view this article fully.

#1 Honey Are You Gonna Wear That?

Women take their appearance very seriously and you should always agree with their choice of clothing.

#2 Did Your Butt Grow?

Never commit on a lady's booty, because she will body slam you hard.

#3 My Ex-Girlfriend Wants To Meet You

Women are always trying to outdo each other and it is never a good idea to encourage her to meet the ex.

#4 Edna You Look Like A Man

Even if Edna looks like a male, never tell her.

#5 I Forgive Ray Rice

Just because you agree with Ray Rice and feel that he was only defending his honor, never voice this out loud.

#6 I Used To Be A Woman

It would be a huge mistake to tell your lady that you used to be a woman. She will immediately send you packing.

#7 Little Secrets

Even if you're stupid enough to agree with Adolf's ideas, it is not a good idea to let your spouse in on this little secret.

#8 I Got A Dead Body Under My Bed

If you like to murder women in your free time, you may not want to tell your wife. Turn yourself over to the authorities first, the punishment will not be as severe.

#9 Who Is Gonna Babysit Tonight?

If you cannot find a babysitter on date night, never suggest leaving the kids in the trunk.

#10 That Definitely Makes You Look Fat

Even though your girl may not look so sexy in that negligée, be sure to keep this information to yourself. At least she tried.

#11 Are You Gonna Eat That?

Never sarcastically ask your wife is she going to lick it clean.

#12 Is That A Cat Crack Honey?

Women love to show their booty, but you should never dare commit on how tight their pants, even if you can see the lines of their private parts.

#13 My Friends Really Don't Like You!

If your friends do not feel affectionately toward your wife, it is probably best to find some new friends. Never dare mention this to your wife.

#14 Can We Skip Your Birthday This Year?

It is never wise to ask your wife to settle for nothing on her birthday.

#15 My Parents Are Visiting For The Week

Women never appreciate a last minute notice that the in-laws are coming to visit for an entire week.

#16 Will It Grow Back?

If you come home to your wife and she is bald, pretend you like it and never ask her, if she can get a refund.

#17 My Mother Has Some Dress Tips

If you mother thinks your wife dresses poorly or underdresses, you should leave the room, when this topic comes up.

#18 Is Your Shirt On Backwards

It really don't matter, if her shirt is on backwards or not, because nobody is looking.

#19 Honey Did You Brush Your Teeth?

Do not dare ever commit on your wife's teeth.

#20 Do You Ever Think About Joining A Gym?

It truly does not matter, if your wife has gained a few pounds and you should never try to encourage her to join the gym.


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