The Top 20 Craziest Sports Bloopers

TonyTwoGuns March 23rd 2015 Sports
Everyone has a favorite sport that they like to watch. Nothing can be more exciting than getting together with a group of friends to cheer on your favorite team, during the big game. It can be even more exciting to witness a sports blooper. These events are very rare occurrences that you might even see happen again.

#1 You Got Your Head Up

Not only did this Houston player get a mouth full of crack, but he also got tagged out.

#2 Walked Away in the Nick of Time

This is definitely one of those rare happenings that you probably will never see happen again. The goalie thinks that game is over, but is it?

#3 You Can't Catch Me

Sammy Watkins catches a long pass, but celebrates a little too early to get the touchdown. It looked like he thought he was closer than he was.

#4 Fell on his Face

This is the best technique that has ever been used to fake out a goalie. He falls flat on his face, gets up, and kicks a goal.

#5 What Did he Eat?

This is something that does not happen everyday. During this Jiu Jitsu match, one guy throws up, but it turns out that his opponent farted in his face.

#6 Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Randy Johnson not only can throw a baseball over 100 miles an hour, but he also has pinpoint accuracy.

#7 How Much Money Do I Make Each Year?

This guy gets paid millions of dollars every year to play baseball, and he is going to go and mess up a play like this.

#8 Fore!

Old Woody Austin got caught a little off balance on this shot. He better watch out for gators.

#9 Man Down

This guy is playing like he is hurt just to give the other team a red card, and you can see how proud he is of his work.

#10 I'm Not Touching That

This video is not of a player, instead it is a video of a baseball fan, who moves out of the way of a fly ball to let his girlfriend get hit.

#11 He Shoots, He Scores

Not only does this hockey player miss a wide open shot with no goalie, but he busts his butt.

#12 This Referee Has Got Some Moves

Watch as it looks like the referee drills this quarterback on purpose. You watch this and decide what you think.

#13 What a Shot

It is almost unheard of for a goalie in a soccer game to score a goal. This is until you see this.

#14 Right at the 1 Yard Line

DeSean Jackson is clear for a touchdown, but he drops the ball right before he gets in the end zone. What was this guy thinking?

#15 Air Ball

This video really brings a new meaning to the word air ball. Not sure what you would even call this big miss.

#16 What a Flop

It is often a common practice for sports players to pretend to be hurt during an unintentional clash. They do this to get the referee to call a foul on the other team, but Chris Jones takes it to a whole new level.

#17 78 Yard Touch Down

This would have been a 78-yard touch down, but once again another receiver drops the ball right before he gets to the end zone.

#18 Karma for Taunting

This guy was about to win the 3000-meter race, but he thought he would celebrate by taking is shirt off before the race was over. This was probably not a good idea because he got disqualified.

#19 Look Out!

Holy crap, it looks like this flagman is going to get crushed by this car. Bet he had to check his pants after this.

#20 It was Right in Front of Me

This goalie makes a huge mistake during a World Cup game. I wonder how much money this guy makes. He might be over paid.


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