Top 20 Educational Mishaps Made Public

TonyTwoGuns March 20th 2015 Humor
Spelling is one of the most basic type of fundamental things that you learn, when you are young. Spelling is also a skill that a person will more than likely use everyday of their life. For instance, spelling is incorporated in many advertisements that you see on signs or even on T.V. With that being said, there are a lot of spelling errors that have been publicly made.

#1 What Did You Call Me?

This spelling typo aired on national television in the United States, right in front of the White House. I wonder if she knew what they were calling her?

#2 Mmmmm Steaks

Whoever created this was hungry at the time, but they also could have been unable to spell correctly.

#3 Not Too Easy

This aired on national television. How dare they accuse teachers of not providing the proper education to their students. Of course, they may be a high school dropout.

#4 I Have A Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. is a well-known figure in the history of the United States. You would think they could at least show the guy enough respect by spelling his name correctly.

#5 Spelling Bee

This is a sign celebrating the spelling bee winner. Apparently, whoever developed it did not win the spelling bee competition.

#6 Happy Birthday Girl

This cake maker needs to return to school and finish her education, because she made it obvious that she is uneducated.

#7 Don't Eat Here

This is not the kind of spelling error you want to make on a food advertisement sign. This is only going to drive customers away.

#8 Making A Difference, or Not?

Teachers can make a difference in a child’s life. You can only hope that they are making the right difference.

#9 Second To None

It is always good to have a great education. There is no better way to get that education than by attending an influential school. You may want to avoid this one.

#10 Harry D. Jacobs

Here is another educational sign that makes a huge error in their spelling. Do You think the students created this promotional sign or the teachers? No, it was probably the janitor.

#11 Cut Off Elementary

It is not bad enough that the school has a name like Cut Off Elementary, but they have to go and make this spelling error on their sign?

#12 Can't Park Here!

What do you think this sign truly means? Do you think, you would get a parking ticket, if you fail to obey its warning? Probably not and should definitely take the risk.

#13 Tooth Fairy Please Help This Kid

If you can decipher this mess, then you are definitely an educated individual.

#14 Bluelight Special

It is obvious that this Kmart worker is uneducated. Do you think they did a full educational background check, before they hired him/her?

#15 Better Obey This Traffic Sign

Someone must have been drunk, when they painted this traffic sign. I definitely would heed to this warning, because you never know what might happen, if you don't.

#16 ABC

This one appeared on a high school billboard. Maybe this spelling error is why they named their academy ABC.

#17 Committed To Excellence

This school says that they are committed to excellence, and their sign shows just how committed they are.

#18 Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Whoever made this sign should take their own advice. It is clear that they did not proofread it.

#19 Have A Good Break

Apparently someone might have had too much of a good break. Or maybe they need another break.

#20 Anal Exams?

What are they doing at this school? Maybe the parents really need to speak with their kids and find out what exactly is going on inside this school.


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