Top 10 Crazy Dana White Statements Ever

TonyTwoGuns March 10th 2015 Sports
Obviously, a lot of MMA fans don’t necessarily believe everything that comes out of Dana White’s mouth. In fact, most fans turn the other cheek and shut off their ears, when the big boss man begins to speak. Face it. Dana has been spewing crazy comments, ever since he took over the speaker role of the UFC. Of course, some comments tend to be a little crazier than others. Below, you will find some of Dana’s most bizarre comments of all time.

#1 Dana Bashed Roger Goodell

In most situations, Dana would be correct in his assessment of the Ray Rice domestic violence situation, but this is a bit hypocritical, when you really look at it. Remember that Dana has allowed several fighters to come back and compete, after facing domestic assault charges. Dana should remember to look in the mirror, before he opens his mouth.

#2 Greed Is Sinful Dana

Back in December of 2013, Dana made a promise to UFC fans that the pay-per-view cost would never increase. Surely, Dana would keep his word on this one, right? Nope, not even close. The prices have gone up $5 thus far, with potential increases in the future.

#3 TUF17 Content Makes Everyone Poop Themselves

Dana is widely criticized for hyping up terrible fights, but it is a little unbearable, when he does it with The Ultimate Fighter. Sure, the show was wonderful, when it was new and fresh, but it’s grown very stale. That fighter’s hype train has now been derailed ten times over.

#4 Foot in Mouth: The Homophobia

Sometimes, people say things that get them into trouble. Dana has done this several times, but none worse than his homophobic rant. Obviously, he threw in a few F-words in there, as in typical Dana fashion, but it was the serious F-word that got him into serious trouble.

#5 TUF Hype Trains Galore

When The Ultimate Fighter is terrible, Dana will hype it up beyond belief. He definitely did it with TUF 20, which featured female fighters. Dana claimed there was another Ronda Rousey on the show. Consider all repercussions of this statement and you’ll feel dumber for ever believing anything Dana ever says.

#6 Wanderlei A Millionaire Everyone Else Homeless

In the past few years, the UFC has been plagued by bad publicity regarding fighter pay. Sure some fighters make good money, but most unfortunately do not. Of course, Dana will always bring up the higher paid fighters, in order to defend himself, while ignoring those that make a few thousand a fight.

#7 Playground Bully vs. Tito Ortiz

Dana White thinks he is a fighter. In fact, he preaches it and claims that he used to beat the living crap out of Tito Ortiz. Sure, we believe that one from the man, who looks like a fluffy marshmallow.

#8 Captain America No More

Anyone, who grew up watching MMA, should love Randy Couture, or Captain America. In fact, I am sure Dana felt the same. However, as soon as Couture attempts to make a career move, Dana bashes him, by claiming he is not a good person and nowhere near Captain America. Oh boy.

#9 Training Advice from Dana

Dana isn’t always right. In fact, he is usually wrong, but every now and then, it is possible to sympathize with him. Should have Jon Jones been sparing with Alistair Overeem? Probably not, but how is this Greg Jackson’s fault?

#10 Bashing One of the Best?

Sure, Dana has the right to bash anyone he wants, but isn’t it funny when the person he is bashing is right? Dana bashed GSP for wanting more drug testing. With the recent failed drug test, Dana is forced to implement more drug testing. Where is the irony in that one?


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