20 Insane Sports That You Have Never Heard Of

The Flying Dutchman March 19th 2015 Sports
We've all played Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer. But these?! You may want to play some after you're done reading this!

1. Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing is actually pretty popular in the non-conventional sports. Contestants do 11 rounds of boxing and chess, going in between. It's a test of your brain, and a test of your brawl.

2. Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake

This one is kinda weird. Contestants throw wheel of cheese down a hill and chase after it, in an effort to catch it. Simple right? Well with the slope of the hill being so steep, an the cheese reaching speeds of seventy miles per hour, it's not as relaxed as one might think.

3. Eukonkanto

This one will demonstrate your pure love for your spouse. Contestants must carry their wives through a grueling obstacle course. This definitely gives a meaning by ain't no mountain high enough...

4. Buzkashi

From one great movie, Rambo III, buzkashi is a skillful sport. Contestants must ride a horse and must try and throw a dead goat into a tub. It is actually pretty popular in the Middle East, but I don't think it'll catch on in the U.S.A.

5. World Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championships

This one gets a little messy. Contestants ride a mountain bike through a six foot deep mud bog. This also takes strength and as a result, only the strong survive.

6. Kaddabi

This one is cross between tag and wrestling. Contestants of two teams of 12 face each other on a court just over half the size of a basketball court. One team sends a raider into the opponents territory, who must not draw breath whilst he is there. The raider' job is to 'tag' his opponents and get out without being caught. Tagged opponents are out, but if the raider is wrestled to the ground until he draws breath, then he is out the game.

7. Royal Shrovetide Football

This is just soccer, only with no rules and regulations. No set amount of players, and no set amount of time.

8. Pankration

This one dates back to the Ancient Greeks. It was just like MMA but it was all goes, except for biting and eye gouging. Tough man contest. Oh, and contestants were naked.

9. Fisherman's Joust

In Ancient Egypt, two fisherman would joust with each other in an effort to knock the other one over with their oars and rows. Today's fishermen are woosies. It still is played today.

10. Venatio

This one of Man v.s. Beast. Over 9,000 Animals fought against men of the town. Both Animal and Human fatalities were recorded in Ancient Rome.

11. Naumachia

This would be the Ancient Roman version of Fisherman's joust. Basically, the Roman's would fill an entire arena with water, and reenact famous naval battles. This is still done today, but for all different kinds of battles.

12. Nguni Stick Fighting

This game involves contestants beating the crap of out each other with huge sticks . The fighters would wear scars and bruises as badges of honor. These fights would even be performed at weddings from both families to prove who the toughest fighter is.

13. Pelota Purepecha

The more dangerous version of field hockey. The substitution of a flaming puck makes this game a little spicy. It has recently started to make a comeback from its ancient origins, in Mexico.

14. Shin Kicking

This one is a real test for the furniture finder. Contestants would kick each other shins, relentlessly, multiple times. Old time contestants would use hammers to train their shins and use excessive force.

15. Camel Jumping

The daredevil sport of the Middle Eastern world, this would involve a contestant jumping over as many Camels as they possibly can. Nitro Circus: Camel Style.

16. Pato

This sport is a cross between polo and basketball. Contestants, although the ball used to be a live duck in ancient times, would have to hit the ball to the other side and "get it back to their ranch house."

17. Viking Skin Pulling

An extreme version of tug of war, the Vikings would use animal skin and play over a flaming fire. The winner would win the spoils that were waged during the game. The loser got to know either shame, or the fire more.

18. Ulama

This game was featured in the Disney Movie El Dorado. Contestants must get a ball into a vertical basketball hoop, ten feet high. Not really crazy right? Wrong. The ball was a human skull.

19. Cockroach Racing

Sounds just like it is. On January 26th, Australian Day, they hold a cockroach race. The race starts with a a bucket of cockroaches emptied into a middle of a ring. The first to reach the edge of the ring wins. How they know which one is which is beyond me.

20. Ostrich Racing

You would be surprised at how fast ostriches can move. Contestants ride ostriches on race tracks and attempt to be the fastest in a race. The birds are treated much like horses in horse raising. The fact that someone can learn to ride an ostrich proves this sport is skillful.


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