This Man Spent His Entire Life Savings Trying To Look Like Justin Bieber

Jay Dawson May 4th 2017 Entertainment
The story of Toby Sheldon is packed full of more twists and turns than a ride at Disneyland. From the fleeting dreams of a talented youth to a tragic end, his is a life that never stopped being strange. What did he do deserve all this? It was a simple wish: he just wanted to look like Justin Bieber…

Born In Germany

In a different life, we may never heard about Toby Sheldon. He was born in Cologne, in south-western Germany, as Tobias Strebel. With a happy childhood and naturally good looks, he could have been anything. But one day, his whole life changed…

Finding His Inspiration

The reason for his change was all thanks to the baby-faced megastar, Justin Bieber. The Canadian’s insane success from an early age had reached the shores of Germany, and Toby was transfixed by his fame and good looks. He decided that he wanted to look just like him, at any cost…

He Paid How Much?

Tobias’ transformation to Toby “Bieber” Sheldon was complete. Only in his early twenties at the time, he spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery and enhancements to become the person he thought he was always destined to be. He begged, borrowed, and sunk everything he had, and literally came out of it a new man.

The Reality TV Star

It’s not every day that someone goes under the knife to become just like a celebrity. His story was discovered by TV producers in the States, and within a few short months everyone was begging to get a look into the strange mind of Toby. Episodes dedicated to him were featured on Botched and My Strange Addiction, and he was soon a reality TV star.

Moving To Hollywood

The thing about Toby Sheldon was that he wasn’t just a faker. He was a songwriter in his own right, and with his new face he was ready to follow his dream. So he went to where all dreams go to soar: Los Angeles. Living there for five years, he found everything he had always dreamed of. And some things he wasn’t expecting…

Sticks And Stones

There was some trouble in paradise. It’s a crazy old world, and some crazy old people don’t actually like Justin Bieber, or seeing other people and their quirks succeed. For years he suffered online and verbal abuse from the haters, who couldn’t understand his unique obsession.

Making It Big

But that didn’t stop his rise to the top. Unlike other celebrity wannabes, Toby found a way to really make his fame pay, and he was in constant demand to perform Bieber tribute concerts and even his own original material. Money was pouring in, but with the cash came more problems…

Just Like Justin

Toby’s transformation into Justin, it seemed, was more than just skin deep. He followed Bieber’s wild partying ways and started to emulate them himself. Flush with cash and with the superstar’s good looks, Toby found himself plunged into that same world of drugs, epic parties, and tragic romance.

His Tragic Death

On August 21st, 2015, Toby Sheldon was found dead in a motel room in the San Fernando Valley. The news came as a terrible shock to the world, who had been following his unique career for many years. Initially, coroners believed that the death was a suicide, fueled by the recent break-up with his boyfriend. But the truth was far sadder…

A Lethal Cocktail

Toby’s hard partying ways had finally become the end of him. As medical examiners discovered in 2016, his death wasn’t a suicide at all but an overdose from several different illegal drugs, all consumed at the same time. From bizarre beginning to devastatingly sad end, Toby’s life had been nothing short of unique.


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