Top 10 Biggest Scumbags in MMA

TonyTwoGuns March 10th 2015 Sports
If you are a huge mixed martial art fan, then you are probably familiar with the scumbags of UFC and Bellator. It is important that you familiarize yourself with these beastly alpha males so that you can decide whether to boo them or cheer them on.

#1 Renato Sobral - This MMA Chocker Is Truly a Joker

Renato “Babalu Seraldo” Sobral is definitely known for his crazy antics inside the ring, but he is no stranger to criminality outside of the ring. In 2007, this Brazilian beast was charged with trespassing and battery, after he decided to trespass on the Seminole Indian reservation and hideously spit on a bouncer. He is also known for overusing the anaconda choke on David Heath.

#2 Gilbert Yvel - Hot Temper Hot Water

Gilbert “Hurricane” Yvel is a well-known mixed martial arts veteran of sixteen years. When he enters the ring, he totally forgets the rules that were just read to him in the locker room. He obviously thinks he is fighting in a no-holds-barred competition, because he automatically turns into a tyrant. In 1998, he was disqualified for biting, and then in 2004, he was disqualified for punching a referee and knocking him out cold.

#3 Mike Kyle - Footballer and Talented Biter

Mike “MAK” Kyle made his name in UFC as the first mixed martial arts fighter to ever bite an opponent in the right. Of course, this courageous cougar was going to deny the bite, but his beauty mark was visible on Wes Sims’s pectoral muscle for everyone to see.

#4 Ricco Rodriguez - Lost his Suaveness

Ricco “Suave” Rodriguez has been fighting since 1999, even after a near fatal crash, at which time he was stoned. He allegedly jumped out of the vehicle and dragged his unconscious lady friend into the driver’s seat. This fancy pants is still showing his stupidity, because he was cited with DUI charges in 2013.

#5 Wes Sims - Road Rage in the Cage

Wes “A Whole Show” Sims is definitely a jokester, or not? This native Ohioan showed a little road rage in the cage, when he took it upon himself to stomp Frank Mir, after an adrenaline fueled comeback. He was disqualified instantly, but was still approved to fight again.

#6 Paul Daley - Sucker Punch Mania

Paul “Semtex” Daley is more popular for his sucker punch antic than his true fighting career. Josh Koscheck laid on Daley for three rounds and was awarded the win. Daley was furious and decided to send Josh to his makers by punching him in the face. Daley is also known for missing weight more than six times.

#7 Nate Marquardt - MMA Greaser

Nate “The Great” Marquardt is a true warrior in the ring. He worked diligently trying to find hidden ways to win his fights. In 2005, he tested positive for anabolic steroids, but he is better known for his over greasing to prevent takedowns and submissions.

#8 Jason

Jason “Mayhem” Miller worked his way up the MMA fighting league, as a smart arse, smack talking fighter. He became the host of Bully Beat Down, a series about taking bullies out and making them look weak. He is now facing charges for a misdemeanor battery, which occurred in Laguna Beach.

#9 Junie Browning - Overdose or Under Dose

Junie “The Lunatik” Browning is a true Kentuckian and it definitely shows in every way. This out of control maniac overdosed on opiates and was rushed to the hospital, where the staff diligently saved his life. After coming to his senses he assaulted three nurses in a way to show his appreciation.

#10 Chael Sonnen - Shat Talking Politician

Chael “The American Gangster” Sonnen is highly known for his smack talking ways to draw a lot of attention to his upcoming fights. He is also known as a quitter because he likes to throw in the towel too early. This shat talking politician failed his last drug test in 2014 and decided to give up on his goals of becoming the next Dana White.


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