The Top 20 Biggest Newscaster Bloopers

TonyTwoGuns March 18th 2015 Humor
Newscasters are pretty much like movie stars. In some cases, a newscaster may even have a harder job than a movie star, because they have to do a lot of scenes live. This means that there is no room for error; however, in these clips you are going to see some hilarious errors made on the air.

#1 Anchor vs. Reporter

In most cases, the news anchor and report are there to work together to bring the news to the people, however, in this interview these two become the news, as they start arguing on air.

#2 Evil Knievel

Riding an ATV is very fun, but it can also be a dangerous activity. If you do not know how to ride an ATV, you should probably get some lessons before jumping on one and taking off.

#3 Dangerous Activities

Trying to ride a skateboard can be another fun but dangerous activity. If you don’t know how to ride a skateboard you should probably equip some safety gear before attempting to ride one.

#4 Somersault

This next clip is hilarious. This news report displays his gymnastic abilities live on the air.

#5 Look Both Ways

It can be hard to be a new reporter. Sometimes you have to walk and talk at the same time. Here, you see how hard this activity can be to perform properly.

#6 Jumping Snakes

Snakes can be pretty intimidating creatures, they are even more intimidating when they can jump at you. If you don’t like snakes then you will be able to relate to this video.

#7 Holy Crap!

Holy Crap! That is the perfect way to describe this next clip. This bird must has really good aim.

#8 Mind in the Gutter

Jennifer Lopez is a very attractive woman, so it is easy to see why this report made this mistake. At least this anchor was brave enough to admit to his stupidity.

#9 What Happened Here?

This next clip is a huge blooper, and the news station was lucky that they did not receive a lawsuit, after this slip up. This one appears to point to an inside job.

#10 Did He Lose His Script?

The next anchor must have either lost his script or just lost his place. It can be very hard to keep track of something that is right in front of you.

#11 Making Wine

If you are going to stomp grapes to make wine on an elevated platform, it is probably not a good idea to drink any before starting this activity. Remember to be very careful, if you're going to do this in front of a live audience.

#12 Just When He Thought it was Over

This is a very funny video of a weatherman freaking out after he sees a spider. However, the funniest part begins, when he thinks it is all over.

#13 Sense of Humor

It is good to know that news people still have a sense of humor, after reporting the new all day long. In this video, a few news reporters decide to pull a prank on a colleague.

#14 Karma is Sweet

This lady gets what she deserves, because it seems like she was too lazy to walk. Do not try this at home.

#15 Another Spider

What is it with spiders and weather people? Spiders certainly do not like weather reporters.

#16 I've Got Gas

It seems like this news anchor was trying to crack a joke on the air. It is difficult to determine, whether or not this was intentional.

#17 Mistaken Identity

Not sure what happened in this next clip. This lady’s name is not even Oprah. She is either high, drunk, or trying to make a joke. You decide.

#18 Facial Expressions

This news reporter thinks that he is funny, but you can tell by this kid's face that no one thinks he is funny. Nothing is worse than being laughed at, when you're trying to tell a joke.

#19 Big Mistake

In this next video, the news anchor is talking about a plane that went down, and she goes on to mention the names of the victims. Unfortunately, she is simply calling out random names.

#20 Apology to Rhinos

This is another funny video featuring a slip up of words. Either this lady can't tell the difference between a giraffe and a rhino, or she just made a blatant error.


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