10 Things That People Should NOT Do in Public

Abigail Locke March 18th 2015 Humor
There are just some things you shouldn't do. It's not right. Keep stuff in the dark--we don't wanna see it. Well, unless it's funny.

1. Sleeping

Big no-no. Sure, sometimes you're desperate and that park bench looks really good--but if you want to both maintain dignity and not get accosted, it's better to just wait until you're in your own private sleeping quarters.


I thought this was a given, but you shouldn't get out a knife and start chopping up onions on a subway. Who knows what's in subway air? Plus, no one else would appreciate the onion smell adding to whatever was already there. And that knife...yeah, that would be a little nerve-racking.

3. Dress as a Grim Reaper...When it's Not Halloween

Hey, whatever you feel like going to the office in, I guess...

4. Dancing

Unless you're awesome like this guy. In which case, I endorse it.

5. Tripping\Slipping\Falling

Sometimes, gravity takes over and it can't be helped. Still, we want to avoid this as much as possible.

6. Making Conversation

This is AWKWARD, okay? Don't talk to strangers. They won't talk to you. Hopefully.

7. Yelling at Kids

Or yelling or freaking out in general. It's awkward, embarrassing, and honestly, you always feel kinda bad for the kid. No doubt the parent has been enduring considerable stress. Still awkward.

8. Sneezing

This isn't all that awkward, but let's just hope your phlegm stays inside and not on the person in front of you.

9. Eating Sloppy Food

These guys are in a contest. They have an excuse. But when you're hitting Wingers and you're trying to be neat...kind of impossible. Yay for looking gross!

10. Picking Your Nose

Don't do it. Don't. No. Stop. Gross.


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