Marine Son Surprises His Mom At Her Graduation And Her Reaction Is Priceless

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Single moms: they're the hardest working people around. They raise you, put food on the table, support you every step of the way, and rarely ask for anything in return. So when you do have the chance to give a little something back, you'd better take it. When this US Marine showed up to his mom's graduation, she wasn't expecting it at all. And you'll never believe how she reacted... Watch the full video at the end of this slideshow.

The Ceremony

It was the culmination of three years of dedication and hard studying. Tondaleya Robinson was finally graduating from Peirce College in Philadelphia with a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management. That night, at the Kimmel center, she stepped out onto the stage, thinking that she was the only one who knew of her incredible achievement.

His Mom

As a mother of three, the 45-year-old Tondaleya had been working hard all her life. Born and raised in West Philadelphia, she spent her adult years looking after her sons and her husband. She had never had the chance to do something for herself, and finally the moment was here.

A Family Tragedy

Just three years before, she had lost her husband and the father of her children Charles Robinson Jr. He had been battling a severe form of diabetes for most of his life and finally succumbed to the struggle. It was a terrible blow to the normally happy Tondaleya, but she was determined to not let it drag her down.

The Marine

Her 23-year-old son, Corporal Paul Robinson, had seen her struggle through these difficult times. He had joined the army as a tribute to his father, who had also been a marine, but his time in the service meant he couldn't always be close to his mother.

Perfect Son

Even so, he had always been a good son and provided as much support as he could. When he learned of her graduation night, he knew he finally had a chance to do something real for her. With her other two children across on the other side of the States, this was the perfect opportunity to say thank you to this wonderful woman and mother.

Just One Night

Stationed on a base in Virginia, Paul wasn't sure he could get the necessary time off to visit. But word got around the base of what was happening, and he was summoned into see his superiors. "Hey Robinson, what are you doing here today? Aren''t you supposed to be home with your mom?", they said to him. His reply was simple: "I said, 'Roger that, sir.'"

He Walks Out Onto The Stage

e drove as fast as he could and reached the Kimmel Center just in time. As Tondaleya's name was called, he stepped up onto the stage, still in his uniform. She didn't notice him at first, and was completely unaware that her son was behind her. That soon changed...

Presenting The Diploma

As the stunned audience looked on, he gave his mother a huge smile and handed her the degree. She couldn't quite find the words and simply broke down in tears of joy. As mother and son reunited, the crowd went wild.

Her Reaction

Paul could only stay for the night, but it was enough for his mom. "I was crying. I was jumping. I was shaking. I could not believe it," Tondaleya told ABC News. "I said, 'Oh you got me on that one. It was the best thing that he could have done.'"

Watch The Video

Whenever the world seems like a dark and unforgiving place, all you have to do is watch stories like these to realize how much love there is. The video is unbelievable, the reactions priceless. This is love, joy, and a good old fashioned punking all rolled into one. It's beautiful.


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