Everyone Laughed At This Contestant But You Won't Believe What Happens Next

Jay Dawson March 28th 2017 Entertainment
With millions of YouTube videos and hundreds of channels full of reality TV, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve seen it all. But even after nine full seasons, Britain’s Got Talent proved that it’s still got what it takes to astound the audience. When this man walked on stage and started singing, all we could do was laugh. And then the most incredible thing happened… Watch the full video at the end of this slideshow.

The Show

Britain’s Got Talent is an old dog in the reality TV game, having started way back in 2006. Its multimillionaire creator, Simon Cowell, also created The X Factor, and has sold the format to countries all over the world. But the show is no means long in the tooth, and this old dog is still learning new tricks.

The Judges

Simon Cowell, known as one of the industry’s biggest grumps, still remains on the show as an ever-caustic judge. Along with him are R&B star Alesha Dixon, actress Amanda Holden, and famous British comedian David Walliams. They thought they’d seen it all – until this man came on to audition.

One Special Performer

His name is Luca Caló, an Italian-born immigrant to London, and a showman with a flair for the ridiculous. Before he made his first TV appearance, he was a mere waiter. When he stepped onto the stage, bearded, high-heeled, a Nebraska XXL singlet tucked into spandex tights, he became a megastar.

He Begins

He licks his lips. He looks nervous. Without further ado, he starts to sing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”. There couldn’t be a more ridiculous song to describe his singing talent. Simon Cowell looks at his fellow judges and rolls his eyes – another hack.

Is This A Joke?

The crowd can’t contain themselves at the ridiculous sight. They laugh and point, and the judges – except David Walliams, nodding his head, join in on making fun of Caló. But Luca pushes through, dead serious. You can’t bring him down today.

Almost Kicked Off

You all know how this works: four big red crosses from the judges and it’s bye bye birdy. The first three from a clearly amused Holden, Dixon, and Cowell come thick and fast, but Walliams seems to know something they don’t, and holds out. Luca can continue – for now.

Then Everything Changes

All of a sudden, the beat drops and the crowd loses it. Sean Paul’s “Get Busy” booms out, Caló stops singing, and launches into an epic dance routine. He handles those high heels better than most girls, to be honest.

The Performance

It’s almost indescribable, a mix of everything awesome you’ve ever seen, all rolled into 30 seconds of mayhem. It’s perfect, fluid, frantic. It’s unbelievable. There’s no other way we can put it – you’ll just have to watch the video. And we won’t spoil the ending, either.

The Crowd Goes Wild

Three milliseconds of stunned looks, and then the crowd goes absolutely bonkers. They love him, and the judges too. No-one can believe what’s happening, but they know they’ll never see anything quite like it ever again. Clapping, roaring, cheering him on, they feed into his explosive energy.

And He Makes It Through

The show’s called Britain’s Got Talent, and there’s no denying that Luca Caló has it in spades. After dissing him so early, Dixon and Holden revert their red crosses and give him a cheer of approval. Cowell still looks disgusted, but with Walliams loving it all the way, he’s got no choice – Luca is into the semi-finals.


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