United Airlines Pilot Rants About Her Divorce and Donald Trump Over Plane's Intercom

Jay Dawson March 23rd 2017 Entertainment
After all these years, we’ve started to take air travel for granted. It’s safer than driving, gets us across the planet quickly and cheaply, and it’s one of the most natural things in the world. We never question anymore who’s taking us from point A to point B. That is, until one of the crew gets on the intercom and goes bananas. Then we really realize one thing: that these strangers have our lives in their hands. Which is just what happened on a United Airlines flight a few days ago. And you’ll never believe how the passengers reacted… Watch the full rant at the end of this slideshow.

What Happened

It was an otherwise normal day at Austin airport in Texas. Passengers boarded United flight 455, ready to set off. Then, a disturbance. But for once it wasn’t an unruly passenger – it was actually the pilot, who flipped on the intercom and greeted passengers with an expletive-filled rant.

Where The Flight Was Headed

UA455 is a regular service between Austin and San Francisco, leaving in the early evening each day. It’s one of almost 100,000 flights that crisscross the US every day, most of them without incident. But this flight would not be leaving on time today.

Who Was She?

The pilot has still not been named by the airline or other news sources, but we can confirm she was a middle-aged female who had been flying with United Airlines for years. Loved by her co-workers, none of them realized that she was terrifyingly close to a complete breakdown.

Uh, It’s Not Casual Friday

The first sign that something was wrong was when the pilot turned up in casual clothes, not even appearing to give any sign that she was doing something wrong. Although what goes on in the cockpit once they’re in the air is anyone’s guess, when pilots are in the public eye they are normally bound by strict company policies.

The Bizarre Rant

Then, just as passengers were settling in, the intercom buzzed to life and the crazy rant began. The pilot jumped from topic to topic, calling both Trump and Clinton “assholes”, breaking down about her current divorce, and even saying that she would “be on Oprah”. Well, she was definitely wrong about that last one.

Given A Choice

Maybe sensing the mood in the air, the pilot then started to question whether the passengers felt comfortable with her piloting the plane. Uh… no way? She put it to a vote, and passengers voted with their feet, as many as 20 leaving the plane. The tribe has spoken.

The Reaction

Every passenger was horrified, and took to Twitter to stream their reaction in real time. “I’m shaking right now,” a passenger called Randy Reiss said. Perhaps recalling Germanwings flight 9525, deliberately crashed by the co-pilot, everyone started to consider whether they should be calling their loved ones.

Getting Back On Track

The rest of the crew, and United, took immediate action. The source of the rant was ordered off the plane, and a new, slightly more sane pilot was brought in to get to San Fran. Even so, it was two long hours before the plane made it off the runway.

What United Said

United was diplomatic over the incident, apologizing profusely to passengers but also saying that the pilot had had “personal issues”. They refused to dismiss the pilot – experience like that is hard to find – but said they would “talk to her”. She’s probably done enough for talking for now, don’t you think?

Catch It Online

What do you think? Is she crazy, emotional, the next comedy superstar, or just a bold prophet of truth? Unlike the passengers, we can’t decide. Watch the clip and find out for yourself!


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