What the? 15 Worst Referee Blunders in MMA

TonyTwoGuns March 10th 2015 Sports
MMA is a wonderful sport, which is normally regulated, by very strict, professional referees. However, these individuals are anything, but perfect. Sometimes, they act somewhat crazy. They get in the way, fall over themselves and end fights in untimely manners. Below, you will discover 15 of the worst referee blunders ever.

#1 On Wobbly Legs

Referees are forced to protect the fighters, but sometimes they just seem to anger them more than anything. Yves Lavigne did a pretty good job of that here, as he stepped in and halted a fight, which could’ve possibly continued. Although questionable, Yves received quite a bit of drawback from this one.

#2 Referees and Disorderly Conduct

It is the sole responsibility of the referees to keep the fighters safe, but sometimes they fail to do this. In fact, sometimes they seem to be engrossed in the action from an entertainment perspective. Here, the ref seems dazed and confused, as the fighter slowly begins to die.

#3 Commentator Stop the Fight

From time to time, referees are so bad that fans, corner men and even the commentators are forced to step in. Here, poor old boy nearly dies, as the commentators plead with the ref to stop the fight. It doesn’t get much worse.

#4 Bellator Gone Bad

Ask any true MMA fan and they’ll tell you that Bellator is a somewhat questionable organization. Here, we see that the referees are often to blame. He’s out, before he hits the ground, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

#5 If Nobody Sees It?

There are many regional MMA shows, which nobody will ever see. Perhaps that is a good thing here, since it definitely puts a damper on the sport. Thankfully, the fighter is not enough to stop, before his opponent dies in the cage.

#6 Choked Out and Left to Die

Women mixed martial artists can be downright brutal. This is especially true, when the referees let them go a little overboard. Even Randy Couture’s experience couldn’t save his old lady in this one.

#7 Backlash from the Boss

Nobody likes to receive backlash from his or her boss. Here, Josh Rosenthal, who is now famous for being a big time drug lord, earns his boss’s ire. Is an explanation even needed for this one?

#8 What exactly is going on here?

This one is a total disaster from all angles. Thankfully, we get to see the referee’s perspective, which makes the decision far worse. What exactly is he waiting on, a tap out?

#9 Deaf and Dumb?

Sometimes, the best in the business isn’t really the best. Here, Herb Dean shows that he is simply overrated, as he ignored the bell signaling the end of the round. Instead, he allows the fighter to receive unnecessary blows.

#10 Big John Thinks He's a Fighter

From time to time, referees get the big head, because they’re in the cage for so long. This has definitely gone to Big John’s head and it shows, as he attempts to push around and bully the fighters. This is certain to backfire.

#11 Need for a change

Small regional MMA shows aren’t always good, but they do provide us with reason for change. The fighters are obviously unskilled, but the referees are far worse. Wow, what was he thinking?

#12 Respect my Authority!

Referees take a lot of unnecessary abuse and sometimes they fight back. In this case, the referee’s finish is more brutal than the MMA fight itself. Somebody hurry up and sign him up for a contract.

#13 A Pat on the Back

Some cases of referee failures are so blatant that you begin to question the referee’s overall IQ. In this case, you can see the tap, again and again. The ref obviously sees it too, but does nothing.

#14 Doing a Barrel Roll

Thankfully, the referee’s stupidity doesn’t always impact the safety of the fighters. In this video, we get to see Yves take a tumble, do a barrel roll and pop right back up.

#15 Near Death Experience

Sometimes, referees aren’t even needed. Thankfully for Jon Fitch, and his kids, he is able to live to fight another day, due to Josh Burkman’s quick thinking. Sadly, Steve Mazagatti was there, but he basically wasn’t.


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