25 Reasons Why Masterbating Is Actually Good For Your Health

Jay Dawson January 6th 2017 Entertainment
Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for - we’re going to explore the biggest taboo of them all - we’re going to talk about masturbation. Close the door and put on some candles. Relax and get comfortable. Get a firm grip on that pen and have some paper ready. Things are about to get… educational. Here are some reasons why playing with yourself on a consistent basis is actually great for your health, as well as a few shocking and interesting facts about masterbating. #23 will absolutely stun you!

1. It Helps You Last Longer in Bed

Practice makes perfect, as they say, and there’s no better way to build up your endurance than with regular baloney-batting sessions. Timing and training yourself to last longer does have a positive effect on the real matches, and helps you to not strike out so quickly. Alright, we’ll stop with painful the sports metaphors. Except this one: ball handling.

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