25 Mind-Blowing Photos That Show Just How Filthy Rich Donald Trump Is

Jay Dawson January 5th 2017 Entertainment
He’s battled scandal, bankruptcy, a divorce, and opposition from his own political party. And after all of that, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of The United States of America. He’s won. He’s beaten all the odds. How did he do it? An astute business mind, yes, and a steamroller personality. But most of all, he’s stinking rich. He’s got more money than most of us combined. He’s got enough cash to wallpaper over any crack. Want to know exactly how rich he is? Time to find out. #21 will absolutely shock you!

1. A Young Donald Trump With His Rolls Royce

Nobody (well, nearly nobody) gets rich overnight, and Trump is perfect proof of that. His billions haven’t magically appeared – he’s been working on his wealth for a very long time. Even in his younger, natural-hair days, he was well on his way to greatness. Take a look at that shiny, classic Rolls Royce. You don’t pick those up at a yard sale.

2. Posing With His Own Private Helicopter

When Donald Trump wants to do a quick munchie run, he’s not just going to jump in a clapped-out Pinto. No, he’s so incredibly rich that he can take his very own chopper and land on the roof of the closest 7-11. The rotor may not be doing wonders for his hair, but if you can afford a rotor at all, you’re hardly going to care.

3. One Of His $20 Million Dollar Golf Courses In Washington DC

The key words being “one of”. See, Trump isn’t so poor that he can only afford a single measly multi-million-dollar golf course. He’s actually got a few of them across the world, all designed to his exacting specifications. Because who knows when the craving will strike?

4. His Own Personal Limo

Not just a lavishly decorated personal limo, either. Trump can afford not just a car, but a chauffeur-slash-personal-bodyguard that looks like he could singlehandedly take down a Mongol army. You know you’ve made it when just one of your entourage could beat Genghis Khan in an arm wrestle.

5. And When He Can’t Be Bothered To Drive, He’s Got His Own Boeing 727-23

You know you’ve really made it when you own your own private jet. There’s no other status symbol quite like it. Imagine having the ability to fly wherever you want, whenever you want, in ultimate style. If you think about it, he’s like Superman without the rippling muscles.

6. Take A Look Inside…

Inside his private jet, there’s no screaming children and cramped seats. No, the cabin is a picture of refined elegance and ultra-comfort. A full dining setting. A sofa that’s bigger than some of the apartments we’ve lived in. Antique side lamps. Proper cutlery.

7. How Elegant…

You have to see the plane cabin from the other end, if only for one reason. Trump doesn’t just have one dining table inside his private jet – he has two. Oh, and a big-screen TV and some renaissance masters on the wall. But TWO dining suites. If that isn’t luxury, we don’t know what is.

8. He Even Has Own Bedroom On Board

Forget about first-class flatbeds. Trump has got a full-sized double bed on board the jet, which essentially means that he’s so ludicrously wealthy that he can bribe jetlag to leave him the hell alone. This is probably the one thing that separates him from the rest of us – the fact that he can defeat time zones.

9. But He Never Sleeps

Money doesn’t either, so why would he? This is how he does it. Relaxed, calm, confident, just pushing a couple of million dollars around, 30,000 feet up in the air. There’s another quality the super-rich have, apart from all the zeroes in their bank account, and that’s the ability to always look comfortable. No matter how sumptuous the surroundings, to always look at home.

10. With A Big Wad Of Cash

Here’s more proof you’ll need that Trump is loaded. We can’t put it much plainer than this. There he is, just holding a mountain of bills. We’d bet anything that they’re not props, either – he probably just pulled them out of his wallet for the shoot.

11. Melania Knauss-Trump

We’re going to step back from his earthly possessions for a moment, and talk about his wife Melania. She’s by no means his property, but to get the attention of a woman like that, you’re going to need to be special. You’re going to have to have at least one of three things: great looks, an incredible heart, or piles upon piles of cash. We can cross off the first two and confirm one thing: that Trump has piles upon piles of cash.

12. Donald’s Home Is A 3-Storey Penthouse Suite In NYC

Trump is a big personality who needs a big space, and his home at the top of the New York Trump Tower is just that. It’s at the top of the world, in a building that he owns entirely, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. From there he can look out over his domain: the entire world.

13. Here’s What It Looks Like Inside!

The inside of his penthouse suite is, in a word, mesmerizing. It is opulence at its most extreme, the very definition of wealth. No corner of the apartment has been neglected, from the 24K gold trimmings to crystal chandeliers, marble columns, and luxurious rugs. And also, um, some framed pictures of himself.

14. It’s Like Something The Royal Family Would Live In…

If it does look to you like something out of a fairytale, then you’ve clearly got an eye for design. The apartment was, in fact, designed by Angelo Donghia in a Louis XIV style. Every element was specifically chosen as a throwback to those heady French days of excess and lavish parties. Let’s just hope Trump doesn’t go the way of the French king.

15. The Mar A Logo Mansion In Palm Beach, Florida

No self-respecting zillionaire would own just a single home. Or, for that matter, have no place to go in the winter. Trump has ticked all the boxes with this ridiculously expansive mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. Pools, direct beach access, huge grounds, and a flippin’ tower – it could probably house a dozen families quite comfortably. Or just one Trump.

16. Take A Look How Extravagant It Is From The Poolside…

Taking a tour of the grounds, the little details start to show. Here, poolside, you can really start to get a sense of the grand scale and incredibly vast cash reserves that Trump has a hold of. Something about the lushness of the palm trees, the clarity of the water, the neatness of the lawn… and a strange parrot statue. Hey, being rich doesn’t always mean having great taste.

17. Here’s Trump’s Former Mansion In Greenwich, CT

We’re not totally sure why billionaires ever need to sell their homes. If you don’t like it anymore, why not just leave it there and buy a new one? Either way, this is Trump’s former mansion, located on the ritzy north side of the Long Island Sound. After he decided it was an unnecessary expense – he’s the businessman, not us – he put it on the market for $54 million. Pocket change.

18. Fitted With An Inside Heated Pool

His Greenwich mansion came with all the modern conveniences for a self-made tycoon. Here’s just one of them – a full-length heated lap pool, bathed in natural light and (for once) tastefully decorated with stained-glass windows and photographic prints. Certainly beats walking down to the local YMCA.

19. And An Incredible Theater Room

This might be the real reason Trump decided to offload the mansion. It’s definitely a lovely big theater room, but it’s just not big enough. These days, regular Joes can get a LCD screen twice that size, and Trump always has to be bigger and better than the rest. If you think about it, getting a whole new house with an actual cinema is really the only logical solution.

20. The View From One Of The Dining Rooms

That’s not to say he wouldn’t miss the place. Check out one of the many dining rooms in the house. Money usually couldn’t buy that kind of view, but Trump is clearly the exception to that rule. Throw in a lavish chandelier and solid marble dining table, and it’s hard to know where to look.

21. Of Course, He Used To Own A Yacht Too

Nothing quite says billionaire than being in command of the open ocean. Until you can afford a rocket ship – and he’s probably got enough cash for that, too – the watery blue is the final frontier for luxury travel. Unexplored tropical islands, off-the-chain boat parties, silent nights under the stars, alone in the world. With a yacht, you’ve got it all.

22. Take A Look At The Inside

And just because you’re headed off into uncharted waters, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. The stateroom is the epitome of comfort and class, equally at home hosting long business gatherings and a bevy of doe-eyed, scantily-clad heiresses. Sorry, family. We meant his family.

23. Always In Control

In the lead-up to the 2016 Presidential Election, there was one thing that Donald Trump always had in control, and that was the media. Hate on him as they did, and try to bring him down, he somehow always came out on top and with more supporters. That’s one characteristic of the billionaires: with a lot of money, comes a lot of media control.

24. He Basically Funded His Own Campaign

Although besieged on both sides of the electoral divide, Trump didn’t need the support of anyone to run his successful campaign. Most campaigns run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and of course he had the backing of a couple of powerful allies. But he also had so much in his bank account that he didn’t need to tighten any belts. With $1m spent on merchandise alone, he just bought his own.

25. That Face

You can say what you like about Donald Trump, and many people have. And time and again, the photos (like this one we dug up) and the stories looked ready to resign his campaign to a file labeled “Embarrassing Jokes”. Despite all that, despite everything, he won. He knew what the people wanted, and he had a metric butt-ton of money to back up his convictions. He was so rich that he won. Isn’t that life?


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