50 Epic Gangsta Fails That Prove Thug Life Ain't For Everyone

Ethan Tremblay December 28th 2016 Entertainment
The late great rapper Tupac Shakur once said, "I didn’t choose The Thug Life, The Thug Life chose me." Unfortunately, that’s not something that can be said with any great sincerity by the the wannabe gangstas in this list. Caution to all wannabe gangstas trying to look cool in their photos: it doesn’t work for everyone. And that’s understating it. Attempting to come off as tough and nasty with your gangsta clothes and props and poses just results in hilarious fails if you’re really soft and harmless on the inside. Here are some pretty nice people who aren’t fooling anyone when they tried looking gangsta. #47 is frickin' hilarious!

1. Push It To The Limit

2. WTF?

3. Starting Out Young

4. Nice Balloon, Dude

5. Belt Hanger

6. Caps Lock

7. Ridin' Dirty

8. Gangsta Christmas

9. Showin' Off The Allowance

10. Pants Not Low Enough

11. Sneaker Pose Fail

12. Blue Man Group

13. Ninja Gangsta

14. NotPac

15. Starting Out Young

16. Epic Fail

17. WalMart?

18. Floppy Disk

19. Fail

20. Long Shirt Referees

21. WTF is this?

22. Emo Gangsta

23. F Yeah

24. Ace of Spades?

25. Money Hat

26. Purple Gangsta

27. Snorted Out

28. Baggy at the Knees

29. Suburban Gangstas

30. Intimidating Hoodie

31. Straight Up Gangster

32. Colorful Gangstas

33. Grillz

34. Workin' The Trap

35. Asian Gangstas

36. Suburban Sensations

37. Nice Gun

38. Romantic Scenery

39. Mean Mug

40. Don't Mess With That

41. Double Fisting

42. Thug Life Volume None

43. Bloods or Crips?

44. Washroom Selfie

45. Sparkles on the Necklaces

46. Loooong Shirt

47. Double Fail

48. Twilight Fan

49. Little Sister's Room

50. Edward Poster Fail


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