25 Horrifying Paranormal Events Witnessed By People You'd Trust

Jay Dawson December 23rd 2016 Entertainment
It’s a tough life for us believers. No matter how much proof we show, there’s always some lowlife with limited imagination to come along and tell us that the paranormal doesn’t exist. Well, we’ve finally made a definitive list of 25 of the most terrifying, eerie, and downright strange occurrences that simply can’t be denied. These strange happenings haven’t just been witnessed by two, three, or a whole bunch of people – they’ve been experienced by the most trustworthy people on the planet. Doctors, scientists, heads of states, and police officers – all of them have had chilling contact with the spirit world, and all of them came away believers. Now it’s your turn.

1. The 9/11 Angel

A singular and psychologically shattering event like 9/11 attracts its fair share of strange reports (and nutty conspiracies), but none quite so verifiable as that of a mystery black woman, dressed in an old-fashioned Red Cross uniform, helping out rescue workers. Not only was she never identified, she seems to have never existed. Although several officers and a lieutenant of the NYPD would claim otherwise.

2. The 13-Year-Old Royal Clairvoyant

What a weird place history was. For example, did you know that after Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, died, she still talked to him for thirty years? It’s true. Through a teenaged boy who claimed to be in contact with the prince – and knew intimate details that no-one but Albert could’ve – the Queen continued to make world-affecting decisions with her dead husband’s help. Could you imagine that happening these days?

3. The British Roswell Incident

The Brits had their own strange encounter with a UFO, back at the end of 1980. And although Roswell has forever been covered up, it was much harder to deny that Sgt. James Penniston had actually touched the lit-up craft. After retiring, he even released a detailed account of his contact. Several others also verified his claims, which definitely would have pissed off the men in black.

4. The Mexico City Station Of The Dead

In one of the most highly populated cities in the world, where can the dead go? Underground, it seems, to an appropriately titled metro station called “Panteones” (aka “Cemeteries”). There’s not only the eyewitness accounts of dozens of engineers and workers claiming to see and hear some crazy things, but also a full, verified video of ghastly screams. Although that might have been the result of too much chili in the birria.

5. Michelle Obama's White House Hauntings

We’d believe anything that the luminous Michelle Obama told us. So when she says the White House is definitely haunted, and that their entire family have heard strange sounds and had the sensation of something gnawing on their feet, we’re not going to argue. Although that last one sounds a lot like Bo.

6. Jimmy Carter Saw A UFO

Plenty of liars of passed through the Oval Office. Jimmy Carter has definitely got a better record than most, which is why we believe him when he said he saw a UFO during a speech in 1969. He clearly hadn’t got the government memo about denying all knowledge. Or maybe he couldn’t hush it up, since a dozen other witnesses saw the exact same thing.

7. The Cry For Help

Officers attending the wreckage of a car that had crashed into a river – just last year – distinctly heard a woman’s voice crying for help. Fair enough, but when they got to the car they found that the driver was long dead. Strangely, her 18-month-old daughter, the only other occupant of the car, had survived. It wasn’t just one person who claims they heard the voice – it was four of them. And they still swear by it.

8. The New Mexico Police Ghost

In Espanola, New Mexico, a police officer was terrified when he saw a ghost appear in the entrance to the station. Others have backed up his claim, saying that hauntings there are a regular occurrence. If the word of several of our civic protectors wasn’t enough, the spirit was also captured on CCTV footage. Which, if you’ve forgotten, is completely incapable of lying.

9. The Demon House Of Indiana

We don’t have the space to list every spine-chilling thing that happened in a rental house in Gary, Indiana. All you need to know is that both a family case manager and a registered nurse saw the children living there walk backwards up a wall, and that a police captain has verified their claims. That’s surely enough to end your curiosity forever.

10. Reagan’s True Ghost Story

Even Ronald Reagan has his own story of an Abe Lincoln haunting, claiming that he had scared the life out of both his daughter Maureen and her husband. Like other victims of Lincoln’s ghostly pranks, the couple were staying in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House. And the evidence keeps mounting up.

11. The Scottish Poltergeist

Just a few months back, seasoned Scottish police in Glasgow were witness to some downright terrifying phenomena. In a house in Rutherglen, they saw objects flying across the room, lights and doors operating by themselves, and, well, a flying dog. You could claim some “special” whiskey, but these guys were stone cold sober. And veteran cops.

12. Roswell

Speculation, debunking, conspiracies and counter-conspiracies surround the world’s most famous UFO incident in 1947. There’s a lot of evidence to sift through, but none quite as compelling as Lieutenant Walter Haut, who was a public relations officer at the base and saw the wreckage first-hand. His account, released after his death, makes for some pretty eye-opening – and convincing – testimony.

13. Lincoln’s Levitating Piano

If there’s anyone in the entirety of history you could trust, it would be Abe Lincoln. Is that not a beard of truth? So when he claimed that his wife’s friend, Nettie Colburn Maynard, played a piano that started levitating, you have to assume that he wasn’t telling fibs. He even jumped on the piano himself to test the stunning phenomenon.

14. Lincoln and Naked Churchill

Some stories have the flavor of myth to them, if it wasn’t for the too-true little details that they contain. Like this one of Winston Churchill, staying in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House during WWII. Walking into the bedroom, fresh from a bath and buck naked, he was startled to see the ghost of Lincoln standing before him, next to the fireplace. If Churchill was lying, why would he say that he was naked?

15. Salt Lake’s Capital Theater Haunting

In what sounds like the opening for every cheesy horror film, Dave Murphy was moonlighting as night watchman for a historic theater in Utah when he started to see dark shadows. From there it quickly to escalated to slammed doors, ghastly noises, and even physical harm. He could have made it all up, except he also had a day job – as the Sherriff’s Deputy and a pillar of the community.

16. The Louisiana Exorcism

Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal had a secret – a hidden crush on a woman named Susan. Which was all fine (although a little bit high school) until she was diagnosed with cancer, started having visions, and reeked of good old hellish sulfur. A crowd gathered at her bed to pray for her, only for her to go into convulsions and speak in tongues. She was seemingly exorcized after the vigil, but the question remained on everyone’s lips – what the hell had just happened?

17. The Silbury Hill Visitors

An off-duty police sergeant, no doubt world-weary and grizzled (as all the good ones are), got the fright of his life when he approached some dodgy characters inspecting a crop circle in England. Freakishly tall and blonde-haired, they vanished with supernatural speed and a crackle of static just as he got near them. We think that it sounds suspiciously like Swedish backpackers, but we’re not going to dispute a cop.

18. Enfield Poltergeist

Police Constable Carolyn Heeps was called to a famously haunted council home in England when she witnessed the unthinkable: an armchair floating four feet off the ground. Any doubts of her credibility were silenced when she signed an affidavit that what she saw was genuine. If it holds up in a court of law, that’s good (and frightening) enough for us.

19. Extra-terrestrial Weapons Malfunctions

Working on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) has got to be a stressful job at the best of times. It’s made even harder when UFOs keep whizzing by your base and scrambling the hardware on the weapons. Air Force Captain Robert Salas took his reports and concerns to his supervisors, but they already knew about it and simply told him “it didn’t happen”. What didn’t happen, sir?

20. The Devil And Don Decker

A singular incident might be easy to shrug off – as a hallucination, or whatever – but a constant series of them, not so much. Pennsylvanian criminal Don Decker’s strangeness started when he had a dream of a man with a crown, then continued with indoors rain, strange scratches, and levitation, all of which were witnessed by dozens. Until finally some smart cookie performed an exorcism.

21. The Devil’s Fire

What looked to be a standard house fire turned deeply weird after the fire engine set to respond died, flames shot out of the windows and turned 90-degrees upward, and the basement was left completely untouched. Just to make it freakier, a photo of the fire was found to have an image of the devil’s face in it.

22. Mary Lincoln’s Ghostly Photo

Just one of the many weird things related to President Lincoln was his ghostly appearance in a photo of his widowed wife. Sure, the photo was taken by a so-called “spiritual photographer” William Mumler – which is as dodgy as it sounds – but you can actually verify the photo for yourself in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The only person you could doubt is yourself.

23. More President Lincoln

Clearly bored with the afterlife, Abraham Lincoln’s been one busy ghost. In the 40s he startled Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands while she was staying at the White House, appearing at her door and causing her to pass out in fear. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was there to revive her. Her response? Happens all the time.

24. The Haunted Frenchy

Another series of incidents with several eyewitnesses, the so-called “Devil’s Peak” was a farm owned in 1985 by Maurice “Frenchy” Theriault, a man with a troubled past. His family and plenty of others heard strange voices, saw blood on the walls, and witnessed ghostly doppelganger of Maurice himself walk through the walls. Even the police saw it, but claimed that there was nothing they could do.

25. The Wrongly Accused Ghost

A pilot who died in Royal Flying Corps biplane crash started terrorizing the base after investigators deemed that he was at fault. Personnel were soon fed up with the constant ghostly fear, and reopened the investigation to find that Lieutenant Desmond Arthur was indeed blameless. Thus vindicated, the ghost retired in peace and was never seen again.


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