25 People Who Got Fired or Arrested Because of Foolish Facebook Posts - #22 Will Shock You!

Jay Dawson December 21st 2016 Entertainment
A badly worded update, liking the wrong thing, blocking the wrong person – there’s a lot of things that can go wrong on Facebook. The problem is the same as the problem with the whole internet: everyone can see what you’re doing. These fools didn’t realize it, though, and it cost them big time. They lost their jobs, money, freedom, and a whole lotta respect just because they forgot that social media wasn’t their personal diary. Before you make the same mistake, make sure you hear the cautionary tales of this unhappy bunch.

1. The Jewel Thief

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a robbery and realizing you forgot to Like someone’s video. Jonathan Parker couldn’t help himself, either, so he logged in on the home computer of the woman he was robbing. At some point he must have remembered that he was there for the diamonds, because he fled without logging out and did the police’s work for them.

2. The Mob Boss

You’d think that one of Italy’s most wanted criminals would try and keep a low profile, but it seems like the Mafia think they can do whatever they like. Well, they mostly can, but keeping active on Facebook like Pasquale Manfredi was clearly pushing the limits. Cops busted him by tracing his feed activity to his apartment. They’ve really gotta update that Omerta thing for new technology.

3. A Drunken Ranter

A good way to regret the things you did while drunk is to put them on the internet for all time. Deep into a drinking session, Jason Steward posted a rant about his boss – and threatened to blow his head off, no less – which didn’t take long to regret. He was charged the next day, fired, and all of a sudden had a lot more time for drinking.

4. All Of La Crosse, Wisconsin's Underage Drinkers

Surprisingly savvy policemen in Wisconsin redefined the term “honey pot” forever when they made a fake profile of a hot 19-year-old girl and used it to become Facebook friends with students in the area. Their aim was to find pictures and events of underage drinking, and boy, did they hit paydirt. Multiple arrests were made and best of all, those darn kids were beaten at with their own technology.

5. A New York Street Gang

That’s clearly “street gang”, not “street smarts”, or otherwise the members of the Lyman Place Bosses crew wouldn’t be sharing details of their crimes with each other on Facebook. Murder weapons, firearms, body disposal – all of it was posted. All the NYPD had to do was watch, wait, then arrest the lot.

6. The Cool Mom

It’s tough, being a parent, keeping up with omnipresent technology. Mary Hause, a teacher’s aide from Ohio, thought she was just helping her teenage son out when she let him and three cheerleaders drink and party at her house. She clearly forgot the golden rule of Facebook – brag about everything – and pictures of the party wound up in the hands of a school official. A month in jail and a three-year alcohol ban later, and she’s probably given up trying to be cool.

7. An Indecisive Juror

Jury duty: the sacred calling and honored civic duty. Well, that’s the general idea, although asking your friends how you should vote on a case just slightly undermines the idea of a fair trial. One juror in the UK couldn’t be bothered using her brain to make a decision, so she put up a poll on Facebook and was quickly fined and dismissed. At least you can’t say that Facebook doesn’t affect people’s lives.

8. The Free Man

Finally, a Facebook story that turned out well. Rodney Bradford hit worldwide fame a couple of years back, not for being arrested and held for two weeks, but for clearing his name through a single, misspelled time-stamped Facebook status that put him well away from the crime. The post? “WHERER MY IHOP”. A beautiful message that we should all take home today.

9. The Hungover Aussie

Spare a thought for hungover “sick” days. Now that your work can see everything you’ve posted, they’re a thing of the past. Australian Kyle Doyle went viral back in 2008 when he found out the hard way, posting “not going to work, f**k it i’m still trashed SICKIE WOO” on Facebook, right after calling in sick with a “cold”. The company he worked for saw his post. They were not as amused as the rest of us.

10. The Child Support Cheat

Small as it may be, there may be some circumstances where you just can’t scrape together the cash for child support. Or so John McCroy of Milwaukee claimed, until pictures surfaced on his Facebook account of him posing with bundles upon bundles of lovely banknotes. Maybe all that juvenile behavior could qualify him for his own child support?

11. The Badly-Fed NFL Star

The “most nasty food of any team”, San Diego Chargers’s Antonio Cromartie commented about his training camp dinner of peas and pizza. Unfortunately, the comment wasn’t just to his friends, but pretty much the whole internet. The Chargers were not impressed and penalized him a nice $2,500. Which hopefully got put towards better food, or a firewall.

12. The Boss's Ex-friend

Before you load up on a big ol’ Facebook work rant, you might want to check the obvious. You know, like if you’re Facebook friends with your boss. It slipped on British employee’s mind, who put up a post calling her job “s**t” and her boss “a total pervy wanker”. At least it was pretty simple for the boss to reply, which he did by gently reminding her that he was gay. And quickly relieving her of that “s**t” job.

13. The Couch Burners

There’s only one way to celebrate a Super Bowl win, and that’s to set a couch on fire. Then post a photo of it on Facebook. Then be identified by police using that photo. Then be arrested. Then cop a hefty fine for reckless endangerment and destruction of property. Then learn nothing from it.

14. 13 Virgin Atlantic Employees

These flight attendants completely forgot that they were the face of the popular airline when they took to Facebook to call some passengers “chavs” and joke about their own fleet’s safety. I mean, we all know how annoying fellow passengers can be, but it might not be a good idea to put it all up over the internet. They were promptly fired, of course. No wonder they get people to switch off their phones in-flight.

15. One Seriously Upset Sports Fan

When Brian Dawkins was signed to the Denver Broncos, one Philly Eagles employee was less than impressed, immediately putting up an expletive-filled-and-spelling-mistake-riddled rant online. He was fired, Brian Dawkins ignored it, and the world kept turning. Remember, everyone: it’s just a ball game.

16. The Cleaner

A cleaner in Singapore, who robbed her boss of over six grand in jewelry, was busted soon after when she posted a picture wearing it. It’s so mind-bogglingly stupid it hurts, and so brazen that we almost wished she got away with it. Wonder if she turned to Facebook to look for a new job.

17. A Not-Quite-Depressed Woman

Insurance companies will do anything to get out of a payment, and they’ve just added incriminating Facebook photos to their arsenal. Poor Nathalie Blanchard, a Canadian on leave from work for severe depression, was one of their first victims when they used a photo of her smiling at the beach to prove she really wasn’t so sad after all. Well, refusing to pay her should do the trick.

18. The Political Dissident

Decades ago, people against the government would gather in secret, smoky basements to debate the revolution. These days, they just take to Facebook and post Nazi pictures of people they don’t like. Like Croatian Niksa Klecak, who was arrested for an anti-government group that featured the Prime Minister photoshopped into a Nazi uniform. The thing about totalitarian regimes is that they’re always watching.

19. The Suspiciously Tanned Fraudster

No-one likes being defrauded, especially when those losses get rubbed in your face. Maxi Sopo ran off with $200k then showed off in the most blatant way possible – by posting pictures while sunning himself in Cancun. The police didn’t need to do much work to find him, nab him, and send him home to jail.

20. The Addicted Vampire

An insurance worker who claimed that she couldn’t work – because she needed to “lie in the dark” – soon contradicted herself when she was busted using Facebook at home. Sure, she may have had the screen brightness turned way down. But surely she could have done that to her work computer, too?

21. The Nazi Cheerleader

Drawing swastikas and genitals on your passed-out buddy is just a bit of harmless fun. At least, it was until Facebook and incriminating selfies ruined the party. Caitlin Davis, a New England Patriots cheerleader, wasn’t one for much longer after photos of her drawing Nazi symbols wriggled their way into the wrong hands. As they always do.

22. The Super-Secret Superintendent

By day, he was the Arizona Schools Superintendent, John Huppenthal. By night, he was an avid Facebooker and creator of long, bizarre, and frequently racist rambles, written under the name of Thucydides. No-one knew his secret identity until… well, it’s the internet. Nothing stays a secret for long. Surprisingly, he still kept his job.

23. The Pizza Waitress

Venting about the service industry in the US is fair enough – the pay is terrible and the customers are often jerks. Next time, though, just try and keep it verbal. Unlike Ashley Johnson, who took to Facebook to complain about some tightwad guests who kept her three hours over time for a measly $5. Wood-fired, then fired up, and then just plain fired.

24. Snide Club

The first rule about Facebook groups is that everybody finds out about Facebook groups. Like in Canada, where seven employees of grocery chain Farm Boy were fired for dissing several customers in their online “locker room”. We’ve seen these kinds of workplaces before, and we’re pretty sure they have actual locker rooms where you can do that. In full privacy.

25. The Facebook Six

Australians are well known for speaking their mind, even if it gets them into trouble. Like the six officers in a New South Wales prison, who complained loudly about their boss and the badly wasteful practices of the department. The department retaliated, but not willing to back down from their Facebook rant, the “Facebook Six” then took the whole New South Wales Corrective Services Department to court. And won.


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