25 Dangerous Selfie Attempts Which Resulted In Horrifying Deaths - #22 Will Stun You!

Paul W. Hewson December 19th 2016 Entertainment
Since the invention of the camera, man has wondered “how can I easily take my picture by myself with this?” Then, the smartphone was invented - with its front-facing camera - and, following it, so was the “selfie”, Now that this generations old question had been answered, mankind found a new question. “Where’s the stupidest place in the world to try and take one of these?” Here are 25 stories of selfies gone horribly, horribly wrong.

1. Accidental Suicide in Mexico

Combining alcohol and a camera can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations. Combining alcohol, a camera and a loaded gun and you’re just asking for tragedy. Such is the tale of 21-year old Oscar Aguilar who, while getting drunk with his pals, thought it would be hi-lar-ious to take a selfie of himself with a loaded pistol. You can probably see where this is going.

With the safety clearly not on, Oscar proceeded to take the photo and, without warning, the gun went off - while pointed at his head. Paramedics arrived on the scene to find him shockingly still alive, but the victim passed away before he could be taken to a medical facility.

2. First Date Fatality

First dates can be nerve wracking, as you always want them to at least go reasonably well. After hearing this story, I think we can add “both parties survived” as a clue the date went well. British photographer James Nichols had met Cheynee Holloway online and was so smitten, he flew 8,000 miles to meet her.

During their first date, the went to Northcliff Hill in Johannesburg to take some photos. As North was attempting to set a camera timer for a photo of the two along a ledge, the rocks gave way under Holloway, sending her plummeting to her death fifty feet below.

3. Mountain Selfie Death in Hong Kong

Here’s a pretty solid piece of advice: don’t take selfies on mountains. Mountain climbing and mountain hiking are inherently dangerous. That’s why people do it. Unfortunately, a lone hiker - another tip; don’t hike alone, you knuckleheads - in Hong Kong failed to heed that advice while trekking on Lion Rock Mountain. The unidentified man was seen by witnesses taking a selfie by a ridge, with the mountain in the background when he fell. Nearby hikers attempted to pull him up, but he fell and was pronounced dead on the scene by paramedics.

4. Young Polish Medical Student Falls Off Bridge

Here, let’s try this again. Here’s a version of a previous tip, but in handy rhyme form: “If you can fall a long way, put the camera phone away.” Bridges tend to be high up in the air, including the Puente de Triana bridge in Seville, Spain. 23-year old Sylwia Rajchel, a medical student from Poland, was visiting the city on vacation and had even intended to move there once she finished school. However, as she stood precariously on the edge of the bridge to take a selfie, she fell to the ground fifteen feet below.

Fifteen feet may not sound like much, but hit solid ground hard enough and it can cause major problems. In Sylwia’s case, it sent her into cardiac arrest and she passed away in the hospital shortly thereafter.

5. Happy Selfie Results in Tragic Accident

Anyone who has ever gotten angry over getting a ticket for using a cell phone while driving should pay attention to this story - then shut the hell up. 32-year old Courtney Ann Sanford’s final moment in life was posted on Facebook as she drove her car down Highway 85 in North Carolina. “The happy song makes me HAPPY” the message along with her selfie post read. Clearly not paying attention, she crossed over a median and drive smack dab into a truck.

Courtney’s photo was posted at 8:33am - and the accident was reported to authorities at 8:34am, making this selfie the last thing she ever did.

6. What A Shocking Train Wreck

Unless you’re James Bond or an old west outlaw, you should perhaps stay off the tops of trains. Just ask a certain 21-year old from the Andújar municipality of Spain. Oh, wait. You can’t. He’s dead.

The man and his friend has just happened upon a commercial hauling train and decided to take some photos with it. That was all fine and dandy until they decided to climb to the top for some more interesting snapshots. Also on top of the train? Dangerous high voltage wires, one of which the man touched - sending him flying off the train and into the waiting arms of the Grim Reaper.

7. Russian Teen Makes An Electrifying Mistake

We’ve had bridges, trains, electricity, people falling and clutching onto things for dear life. Here’s a depressing selfie story that combines all of these. Xenia Ignatyeva, a 17-year old aspiring photographer from St. Petersburg Russia, had decided that the perfect place for a selfie was on a train bridge in the middle of the night. After climbing the 30-ft. high bridge, she lost her balance and fell towards the concrete below.

As would anyone in that situation, Xenia reached out to grab something - anything - to stop her fall. Sadly, what she managed to grab onto were high voltage cables that had 1.5kV flowing through them - as if the sudden fall wasn’t shocking enough.

8. Cessna Becomes Coffin

If it hasn’t already been made abundantly clear that selfies and vehicles are a dangerous combination, let’s add on to that with a story about airplanes. In 2014, 29-year old Colorado pilot Amritpal Singh took some friends on leisurely flight in a Cessna 150K. When taking selfies at a normal flight altitude started to get boring, Singh attempted some low altitude maneuvers to spice things up. Sadly, it caused a crash that killed both Singh and one of his passengers.

9. The Selfie That Left Two Children Orphaned

It goes without saying that watching your parents killed in front of you is one of the most traumatic experiences a human being can go through. Just ask Batman. During a family vacation in Cabo de Roca, Portugal, two Polish children witnessed this exact thing happen in a totally preventable accident.

After making sure the children (ages 5 and 6) were safely behind a security railing, the parents stepped over and onto the ledge in order to get a great shot of themselves. As one would guess by now, the two slipped over the edge and onto the rocks and water below. To make things worse, the rising tides prevented authorities from recovering the bodies until the next day.

10. The Death Defying Selfie That Failed To Defy Death

Since we’re already laying down some good advice, here’s some more. Basically, if you see a train coming down the tracks, you can rest assured that it’s moving way, way faster than you think it is. A 15-year old boy from India, identified only as “Edwin”, learned this the hard way. While walking alongside train tracks with a group of friends, Edwin heard a train approaching.

Thinking that an oncoming train in the background would make for primo selfie material, Edwin stood on the tracks and prepared to get the shot. Before he could say “cheese”, the train smashed into the boy in a moment so gory that his friends who witnessed it literally passed out.

11. Watch Your Step At The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal in India is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world. As such, one would assume that many precautions are taken to ensure visitor safety. And, while they are, sometimes it just takes a flight of concrete steps and a clumsy misstep to cause a tragedy.

In 2015, a Japanese tourist attempted to use a selfie stick to snap a photo of himself and three friends at the Royal Gate of the famous structure. In the process, the man and one of his friends slipped and tumbled down the steps. His friend walked away - well, OK, not exactly walked - with a fractured leg. The man, however, suffered head trauma and died shortly after.

12. Puerto Rican Reggae Artist Killed By Motorcycle Selfie

If you’re not even safe taking a selfie while on an airplane, you can be damn sure that trying it on a motorcycle is a definite no-no. However, if there was one thing Puerto Rican reggae artist Ramon Gonzalez loved as much as his music and motorcycles, it may have been selfies.

Shortly after posting a selfie of himself riding his bike down Route 104 in Rochester, NY, Gonzalez’s bike went out of control. He swerved into the oncoming lane and smashed into an SUV. He passed away at the hospital shortly afterwards.

13. Teen Received Selfie Shock Of Her Life

Another sad story of trains, teens and electricity. This one involves 18-year old Romanian woman Anna Ursu. Anna and her friend went to a local train station to snap some photos when one of them had the bright idea to get some - you guessed it - on top of the train. Anna laid down on top of a carriage, only to ground out a live wire after innocently lifting her leg.

This caused an electric shock that not only knocked her friend right off the train, but caused Anna to be engulfed in flames. A passerby ran to the top of the train and attempted to put out the flames, but Anna died from the burns at a hospital shortly thereafter.

14. Selfies Can Be A Blast

Well, we’ve had an entry with a gun so far. Why not a grenade? Sure, why not? In what was a progression of one bad idea after another, two friends in the Ural Mountains (see, we’re already starting with mountains) in Russia decided they needed a perfect prop for their selfies. That prop? A live grenade, of course.

After a few shots, the two decided these pics weren’t rad enough and, in their infinite wisdom, decided to pull the pin. Intending to take the photos while the grenade “cooked”, the friends mistimed how long it took for a grenade to go “boom” and they went boom right along with it.

15. World’s Selfie Capital Struck By Teen Selfie Death

For a country that Time Magazine called the “Selfie Capital of the World.” it sure took some time before it had its first selfie-related death. The inevitable happened, however, in 2014, when 14-year old Marie Rochelle took a tumble during a group selfie on the third floor of her school, falling down the stairs and landing on the second story flight. Severe head trauma and a pierced kidney caused her to pass away at the hospital a short time later.

16. Texas Teen Ends Life In Selfie Incident

For the life of us, we’ll never understand why anyone would want to take photos of themselves with loaded weapons. However, Deleon Smith decided to do just that - and one day before he was to start at community college. The gun discharged and sent a bullet into his neck, killing him. Even more tragic, Deleon also had two young children, ages one and three.

17. The Unlucky Seven

Well, it’s time to get boats in on this action. Wrapping up the day following a picnic near Mangrul Lake in India, seven of the ten friends there decided to get themselves a sunset group selfie on their boat. All seven of them stepped to the edge of the boat - causing the boat to tip over, sending all seven into the dangerous lake waters. All seven died.

18. Teen Becomes Victim Trying To "One-up" Previous Selfie

The allure of social media “fame” can be as strong as it is fleeting. When Oscar Reye’s selfie of him in a Spongebob Squarepants costume garnered over 200 “likes” on Facebook, he knew he had to step his game up. He attempted to take a follow up - this time hanging off the door of his mother’s bathroom. If this sounds like a stupid idea, you’re absolutely right.

Oscar wound up falling off the door - and right onto his head. He suffered heavy bleeding from the wound and ended up dying because of it. All of that, just for some Internet fame.

19. Daring Train Selfie Claims Three Lives

Yet another story involving teens, trains, India and, oddly enough, the Taj Mahal. While on their way to visit the historical landmark, four college friends decided a selfie pit stop was in order. Seeing an oncoming train in the distance approaching them, they decided to - well, you can see where this is going. Only one of the four friends managed to get off the tracks before the train reached them, killing the other three instantly. Do you think he still went to the Taj Mahal after?

20. Student Takes Plunge During Selfie Attempt

While “don’t take selfies on ledges and cliffs” is an important lesson we think we’re all learning here, maybe an even better lesson could be “don’t take selfies in India.” They seem to be harbingers of doom there. In this story, we have Prakrash, who was visiting the beautiful Kolli Hills in India with some friends. Hoping to get the perfect shot of the majestic scenery in the background, Prakrash found a rock jutting out from one of the hills. That rock, sadly, caved in under his feet, sending him 60 feet down to an instant death.

21. Body Found At The Bottom Of A Ravine With Selfie Stick And Cell Phone

When you see a waterfall as beautiful as the 100-foot one in the Eastern China province of Zhejiang, it’s only natural to want to get a snapshot. It’s probably not wise to do it yourself, however. But, that’s what the man identified only as Mr. Chen was presumably trying to do before police found his body at the bottom of the waterfall’s ravine. While it’s uncertain how long his body was there before it was found, he was found still clutching tightly to his selfie stick.

22. Selfie Becomes Unexpected Swim Resulting In Two Deaths

Hey, check it out. India again. Two engineering students were taking a leisurely stroll near Narmada Canal when the urge to take selfies struck. Unfortunately, the only thing stronger in the area that the selfie urge was the force of the current in the canal. Akshay Joshi learned that the hard way when he slipped off the side and into the water. His friend, Pratik Bhatt, made a valiant attempt to rescue him, but he, also, succumbed to the power of the water and the two men drowned.

23. Faulty Railing Results In Death

You know, as dangerous as some areas can be for taking selfies, you can’t blame someone for having somewhat of a sense of security when there’s a friggin’ guard rail present and they’re on the proper side of it. But, that wasn’t safe enough in the case of a 21-year old recent university graduate taking in the sights of Moscow. While on a bridge in the financial district of the city, the young woman leaned against a guardrail - only to have it give way and sending her into the river below. Sadly, she wasn’t able to be rescued from the river in time.

24. The Flash Wasn't From The Camera

Let’s head back to the good ole’ U.S. of A. for our penultimate entry. It involves, not shockingly, a loaded gun and an accidental shooting. The (unnamed) man from Concrete, WA had just purchased a new gun, according to his girlfriend, and was anxious to post photos of himself with it, According to the girlfriend, the gun was unloaded and reloaded between photos. However, the man must have miscounted at one point, as the gun accidentally discharged, striking him in the head.

25. Hero Dies Attempting To Save Three Young Girls

While deaths-via-selfie are tragic, it’s even more disheartening when someone else died trying to save the victims. Such is the case of a man who attempted to rescue three young girls that plunged into the Arabian sea after trying to take a group photo. Thankfully, the man was able to heroically rescue two of the girls before being pulled under himself. Following this incident, Mumbai took the necessary steps and banned selfie taking in 15 different areas in the city. Hopefully, this man’s death can help prevent the deaths of others.


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