22 People Who Spent Thousands on Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity - #18 Totally Failed!

Paul W. Hewson December 15th 2016 Entertainment
Famous people have been influencing the way the rest of us act and dress since the olden days. You can bet that dudes all across the country were running out to by giant stove-pipe hats as soon as Abe Lincoln became president. Fashion, slang and other aspects of taste are one thing. Some fans, however, take things to a whole other level. And that level is expensive and horrifying.

With plastic surgery a big deal both in the US and all over the world, it was inevitable that some people would go under the knife in order to resemble their favorite famous person. So many people, in fact, that we’ve managed to come up with a list. So, sit back, shoot that Botox into your face and enjoy this list of regular people who PAID to look like other famous people. #18 Will Totally Stun You!

1. Justin Bieber

While none of these stories are exactly uplifting, this one is especially depressing. An aspiring songwriter in Los Angeles, Toby Sheldon (definitely not his real name - it’s actually Tobias Strebel) spent $100K to look like the pop star - despite the fact that he’s older than Bieber by 14 years. After appearing on the TV show “Botched” to talk about his surgery, he was found dead in a Motel 6 in August of 2015.

2. Kim Kardashian

Not shockingly, the daughter of O.J. Simpson’s lawyer and reality TV star shows up on this list. The result here is quite successful, as Claire Louise Leeson’s $30K on surgery resulted in a pretty close facsimile. In fact, Claire might be “more” Kim than Kim is at this point.

3. Angelina Jolie

Whoa! Hey guys! It’s Octomom! Nadya Suleman could, we guess, could be considered a “celebrity” - in the same way Joey Buttafucco could be considered one - but what makes this really weird is the thousands of dollars of work she’s had done to look like the Oscar winning actress. A tribute I’m sure Angie just totally appreciates.

4. Jessica Rabbit

Let’s hit this list with a curveball - which is appropriate consider what a curvy character we’re conversing about. Jessica Rabbit was supposed to be an unrealistic depiction of a woman. She’s a friggin’ cartoon. However, that didn’t stop Pixie Fox (probably not her real name) from spending $120,000 (raised via a GoFundMe, mind you) to look like this made up person. Still, we have to admit - that’s pretty good work.

5. Kate Winslet

41-year old Debroah Davenport dropped $15K and even had part of her nose shaved off - all in an attempt to look like Titanic star Kate Winslet. She succeeded quite well, or maybe not?

6. Kim Kardashian (again)

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian - and you will - but many people, including us, find her to be extremely attractive. So did 23-year old Jordan Parke, who also decided he wanted to look just like her. Which, also, is fine. Dude wants to look like Kim Kardashian, more power to him. However, after spending $150K on plastic surgery… well… maybe it wasn’t the best idea.

7. Britney Spears

Ok, we gotta hand it to the doctors on this one. Maybe it’s the quality of the photo or simply the quality of the surgeons’ work but… yeah. Crystal U looks a lot like Britney Spears now. Congratulations, Crystal! Now what?

8. Michael Jackson

Considering how many times he went under the knife, it’s no shocker that others would do the same to look like him. It should be a shocker, since that’s weird as hell, but that’s humanity for you. Anyway, a British woman by the name of Mikki Jay spent the equivalent of a little over $10K to look like the King Of Pop.

9. Brad Pitt

When you think of Brad Pitt, what do you think of? If you said “I wish there were two of them, except not really him but instead two twins who both got plastic surgery to look like him!”, well, congratulations! You not only need psychiatric help, but you also got your wish. In 2004, these two brothers, Matt and Mike Schlepp, spent $15K to do just that.

10. Jennifer Lopez

Speaking of siblings, these two sisters from Brazil - Karen and Jennifer Lopez (yeah, you read that right) - paid for all sorts of tucks, trims and liposuction to try and look like the famous singer and actress. With mixed results. Whatever, they’re still hot.

11. Nefertiti

Nefertiti is one of the most mysterious figures in world history - an Egyptian queen whose history befuddles historians to this day. So, why wouldn’t you spend $200K on 51 different surgeries to look kinda sorta like her, like Nileen Namita? Makes sense to us.

12. Lindsay Lohan

Oh, man. This one’s a bit depressing. Lohan’s half-sister, Ashley Horn, decided - for whatever reason - to get her hands on $25K and get surgery to look like… well… Lindsay. We don’t know exactly how much she looks like her sister but, we have to admit, she does look pretty good.

13. Jennifer Aniston

What is it about women in Texas with names that start with “K” wanting to look like celebrities named “Jennifer”? OK, we actually only have two examples of that so far, so it’s not exactly an epidemic. Still, 27-year old Austin resident Kelly Chandler paid good money to look like the Friends actress and… we guess it sort of worked?

14. Jessica Alba

This entry comes to us from China because, statistically, that was bound to happen. In 2010, a Chinese woman named Xiaoqing (pronounced “look-it-up-yourself”) began various surgeries to look like the Fantastic Four actress, much to Alba’s dismay. The reason? To make former boyfriends jealous. And, actually, as far as plans go… not bad, Xiaoqing. Not bad.

15. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a performer who is willing to do some extreme things for her art. Whether it’s recording a different version of her song for every state it plays on the radio in, to wearing a dress made of meat, She’s always ready to do something new. We doubt she’d get plastic surgery just to make a statement, but we wouldn’t put it past her, either. Her fan, Donna Trego, however, is a different story, as she spent approx. $60K to try and look just like the “Poker Face” singer.

16. The Incredible Hulk

Let’s get one thing clear - unless you’re talking about the Lou Ferigno version, it’s pretty much impossible to actually look like The Hulk. Sorry, but nobody can actually get that big and gamma rays will actually straight up kill you. That didn’t stop Romario Dos Santos Alves from Brazil, however, who injected so much Synthol into his body in order to look like the Marvel Comics hero that doctors almost had to amputate his arms.

17. Jennifer Lawrence

Now for something completely different. Kitty, seen above with a photo of her idol, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence , knew that she just had to look like her movie star hero. So, she spend $25K to do so. The result? Well, it wasn’t a “botch”, as they say, but whether she looks anything like the Hunger Games star after spending that much money is up for debate.

18. Kim Kardashian (yet again)

Frankly, we have a feeling we could fill a whole list like this just of people getting surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. This one, however, has a bit of a twist. Myla Sinanaj spent $30K to try and become Kim’s doppelganger. And she’s not just some fan, either - she’s the ex-girlfriend of the former Mr. Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries.

19. Miranda Kerr

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has a lot of fans all over the world. Including South Korea, where Yuh Reum Hong spent a good chunk of money to get her face to resemble Kerr’s.

20. Demi Moore

It’s easy to judge a lot of the people on this list for being silly. And this one is silly, too. In 2006, Lisa Connell spent nearly $65K to look like her favorite actress, Demi Moore. Why did she do this? Because she was dying of terminal cancer. Sorry, but when that’s your situation, you can spend all your money on surgery to look like Carrot Top and we not only won’t judge, we’ll give you a ride home from the hospital.

21. Ryan Gosling

You really shouldn’t spend money of plastic surgery to look like someone else - unless you’re a spy or something. But, if you’re going to do it anyway, you may as well do it to look like Ryan Gosling. That is one pretty, pretty man. That’s what Nicholas Ryan spent $5K on and it… well, he got close.

22. Pamela Anderson

Sha here had previously been featured in Playboy, much like her idol, Pam Anderson. Apparently, however Sha felt that in order to be as successful as Anderson… she would have to become her. And, as far as looks go, she got pretty close.


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