25 Mysterious Photos That Have Scared The Crap Out of Everyone - #23 Will Creep You Out!

Jay Dawson December 14th 2016 Other
In this era of Photoshop, every day sees a batch of new, bizarre photos from online pranksters. But the photos in this list are not as easy to dismiss. Most of them are from a time before we could edit in a ghost with one click, and all of them have held up to professional scrutiny, time and time again. Experts still can’t explain what’s going on in these eerie images. Think you can solve the mystery? Read on.

1. The Time Travelling Hipster

Unsatisfied with ironically ripping off the past, it seems that this hipster found a way to be truly old skool: by traveling to 1941. This photo, taken at the opening of a bridge in Canada, identifies the hipster in question, who’s carrying what looks like a digital camera and wearing sweet shades. The only thing missing is the ridiculous groomed beard.

2. Evelyn McHale's Suicide

Although the photo’s clearly been color adjusted, the state of the suicide victim is certainly genuine. After falling 86 floors from the Empire State Building and landing on a limo, Evelyn McHale somehow crushed the car but none of her bones, appearing to the crowd like a passed out fashion model. Not even Cara Delevingne looks this good after a bender.

3. The Death Of Elisa Lam

The modern day, very bizarre death of Canadian student Elisa Lam shook up the internet in 2013. Amateur detectives of all kinds reviewed the clues, but not even the police could figure out how she ended up in a hotel water tank in LA. The most chilling part is the CCTV footage of her in the hotel elevator before she went missing, in which Lam looks trapped and confused, although there’s no-one else there.

4. Freddy Jackson's Squadron Photo

We used to hate photo days at school – all that endless rearranging of students and hairstyles. Freddy Jackson had a perfectly good excuse to get out of his group photo, though, since he had died two days earlier. The only, well, terrifyingly creepy problem was that he turned up to his photo anyway. While he was being buried on the other side of town.

5. Coopers' Family Photo

If you can’t find a single strange thing about this photo, then you’re not looking hard enough. Taken in the 50s, no explanation has ever been found for the glaring inclusion of a man hanging upside down from the ceiling. Spiderman was extensively questioned but had a rock-solid alibi for that night.

6. Hook Island Sea Monster

At the bottom of Australia’s long list of deadly creatures comes this bad boy, photographed on Hook Island in the Whitsundays back in 1964. The worst part is that it’s not just a vicious animal – it’s a vicious animal that no-one’s ever seen before, or satisfactorily explained since. Just letting you know in case you plan on visiting Down Under.

7. The Battle Of Los Angeles

In late February, 1942, a very curious incident took place in the skies over LA. Over the course of the night, aircraft and anti-aircraft weapons blitzed away in the darkness, and the next day it was reported that the enemy had attacked and been repelled. This was plausible – it was World War Two. But what about this newspaper photo of the attack? Does anyone else think that it doesn’t look anything like an air-raid?

8. Hessdalen lights

Well known to meteorologists but never satisfactorily explained, the Hessdalen lights are a truly strangely phenomenon restricted to a single valley in Norway. The white-yellow lights appear about 20 times a year, floating above the ground, before disappearing just as mysteriously. The only thing that’s ever been proven is that our Earth just loves confounding scientists.

9. The Mysterious 9/11 Attack Survivor

In the wake of the devastating attacks on New York, a truly strange photo surfaced of an apparent survivor, stuck high up on the edge of the South Tower. No-one knows how the person survived, and any trace of them has disappeared since. Just another of the many mysteries surrounding the horrible ordeal.

10. The Time Traveling Cell Phone

Hidden in one of Charlie Chaplin’s films from the 1920s was this startling image, where a woman walking past appears to be talking on a cell phone. There are alternative theories, of course: she’s shading herself with an oblong salami, or possibly conversing with a shoe. Or she’s a time traveler who just couldn’t miss that Viber call. Let’s hope she packed her charger, because she’s going to have a hell of a time finding an Apple store.

11. The Mekong Lights

South East Asia is truly an exotic and mysteriously alluring place, but few people realize just how mysterious it actually is. For instance, take this photograph, which shows a phenomenon that occasionally occurs in Thailand and Laos where phantom red lights rise from the river and away into the air. No illuminating theory has yet been put forward by experts.

12. The Mystery Hand

Count the number of limbs in this photo, then divide by the number of boys. We’ll tell you right now: you’re not going to be pleased with the result. So whose hand is that? No-one, not least the boys in the picture, have any clue. Maybe someone too embarrassed to be seen with these dweebs.

13. The Unexplained Satellite

These days, any potential UFO sighting is easily explained away as a weather balloon or satellite. But back in the 50s, before satellites were even a thing, the government had a much harder time covering up. Like this photo, taken in 1954, which shows something the US Air Force simply couldn’t explain. Neither a bird nor a plane, and far too gloomy to be Superman.

14. Candy Man's 29th Victim

One of America’s most horrific serial killers, Dean Corll, may have had his rampage ended in 1973, but the case took a strange turn when this photo was uncovered in 2012. Found in the possession of one his accomplices, the boy has never been identified, and was never one of the victims found. This chilling call from beyond the grave may never find closure.

15. African Fairy Circles

If these circles, 7-49 feet in diameter are really the work of fairies, they’ve got to be some of the meanest fairies around. But other explanations for these barren patches of otherwise farmable grassland in Southern Africa are not readily forthcoming. All anyone in the area can do is work around them, and hope the fairies get bored soon.

16. The Babushka Lady

Plenty of conspiracies surround JFK’s tragic assassination, but people often overlook this startling photograph. Nicknamed the Babushka Lady by the inner circle of theorists, she is seen photographing the events of the motorcade. Stranger still, she seemed weirdly unmoved by the brutal act that transpired and stayed fixed to her lens. After that, of course, she disappeared.

17. The S. S. Watertown Ghosts

Way back before megapixels were even a word, photos like this were all we had to document creepy sightings. On the other hand, Photoshop hadn’t been invented either, so we know that when we see two ghostly faces of dead sailors in the water, that’s exactly what they photographed. These S.S. Watertown crew members had died two days prior, only to return and terrorize the rest of the ship.

18. The Hampton Court Ghost

This CCTV still from the UK’s most haunted palace could be explained as a drunken Halloween prank, except for the complete lack of a prankster. When guards rushed to the scene, the figure was nowhere to be found, and there was no evidence whatsoever that anyone had physically touched the doors. If closing some doors was somehow a prank, then it would have to be one of the most boring in history.

19. Lights Over Phoenix

It’s hard to deny something seen by literally thousands of people, which is what happened with this photograph. These lights hovered over Phoenix for the better part of an hour in 1997, and no-one could ever explain exactly what they were. Eventually the witnesses forgot the event, like the good little patriotic citizens they are.

20. A Moon Pyramid

Ah, lunar conspiracies. They never die, and they’re usually so ill-informed that it hurts out brains. This photo, on the other hand, is – how do we put it – pretty baffling. NASA labeled it as “blank”, ignoring (maybe intentionally) that giant frickin’ pyramid in the middle of the shot. Further questions to NASA have attracted the usual “no comment”. Way to clear that up.

21. The White Lady

The luminous phantom haunting this photo of Worstead Church in the UK has already been explained. Well, sort of. The local vicar claims that it is the spirit of a dead healer known as The White Lady. Which definitely tells us her name, but it doesn’t really tell us how the hell she appeared in this photo.

22. The Solway Firth Spaceman

While your first question might be “why is a spaceman coming out of that girl’s head?”, the real question is actually “why is a spaceman there at all? “. British photographer Jim Templeton was at a loss to explain the mysterious figure which appeared in the picture of his daughter in 1964, and the enigma has only deepened over time. We’ve got no clue.

23. The Tulip Staircase Ghost

This one’s not so mysterious. Yes, there’s far too many hands in the photo, and the figure is a little bit too see-through. Otherwise, he looks just like us after a big Saturday night: leaning heavily on the stair rail, ready to chuck. That could explain the paleness thing too. In fact, mystery solved.

24. The Falcon Lake Burn Pattern

What looks like a sick game of Connect 4 was actually far more strange. A man in Falcon Lake, Canada, reportedly had a third-kind encounter that was so close that the UFO’s exhaust vent burnt his chest. It could have been a pimped-up drone, but this was 1967. Amazon didn’t deliver to Canada back then.

25. The Bachelor's Grove Ghost

One of America’s most haunted sites, the abandoned Bachelor’s Grove cemetery is host to a number of spooky occurrences and terrifying happenings. This photo from 1991 is just one of them, taken of an apparently empty part of the graveyard by an amateur ghost hunter. Only when the photo was developed did he discover the awful truth: that he forgot to adjust the focal length.


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