25 Haunting Ghost Sightings That Will Scare The Living Crap Out of You - #22 Will Freak You Out!

Jay Dawson December 13th 2016 Other
Ghosts are real. There’s no point saying otherwise. Maybe back in the day, before cameras were invented, it was harder to believe. But in the past century or two, the evidence just keeps piling up. Almost every year, a new photo is uncovered giving us solid proof of the unsolid world. Sure, some of them might be fakes. But if just one out of 100 spirit snaps is real, then that’s still far too much to ignore. Still on the fence? These creepy photos might just push you over the edge.

1. The Young Girl of Wern Town Hall

Captured during a blaze that consumed the town hall in England, this unearthly visitor doesn’t seem to care at all that she’s surround by roaring flames. The photographer (and onlookers) swear that there was no-one there at the time. Nothing conclusive was found to identify the girl, and the world just got a little bit weirder.

2. The Coventry Specter

It’s hard to identify exactly which person in this photo is the ghost, since they all look old and a stuffy. But we’ll help you out – it’s the thing with a hooded robe, standing at the upper left of the table. The rest are just politicians. We don’t know which to fear more.

3. Amityville's John Defeo

If the movies didn’t scare you enough, here’s some more proof that the Amityville house really was as haunted as they claimed. This striking and very detailed photograph shows what looks like John Defeo, a 9-year-old murder victim, staring straight at the lens. And is it just us, or is that also Simba’s father in the picture on the right? Now that’s downright freaky.

4. The Romanian Priestess

We all love a secret treasure trove story, especially when there’s supposedly a phantom lady protecting it. This one, however, has a bit more solid (well, non-corporeal) evidence, with a photo of the lady in question. The treasure and ghostly priestess are said to be in a hotel in Eastern Romania, but so far it looks like she’s done her job well.

5. The Waverly Hills Nurse

You wouldn’t need much luck to capture a ghost in a sanitorium, just patience. Especially in Waverly Hills, reputedly one of the most haunted hospitals in the States (which is quite the acheivement). But no matter which way you rationalize it, this photo of a nurse – who had committed suicide decades prior – is still extremely creepy.

6. The Backseat Passenger

Mrs. Chinnery got more of her mother than she bargained for when she went to visit her grave in 1959. A photo she took of her husband waiting in the car, when developed, revealed that her mother wasn’t really where she should be – six feet under instead of in the back seat. The thing about ghost cars is that you can fit plenty of them in there.

7. A Queensland Child

You don’t get many ghosts in Australia – it’s just too damn sunny all the time. So it was kind of a surprise when this mystery child showed up in a photograph of a baby’s grave, and became even more unsettling when experts ruled out any photographic errors or tampering. Whoever it is, at least they look happy.

8. A Boy In White

It’s one thing to snap a photo of a supposed ghost, and another thing to have a bunch of other people back up your claims. That’s what happened with this photo, taken as part of a photography project at a farm in Southern England. Although initially shocked, farm hands later said that they too had seen the boy in white, several times. It would be almost better, nightmare-wise, if they denied the whole thing.

9. Robert A. Ferguson's Brother

Spiritualism tends to attract all manner of weirdos, but only very rarely do they find what their name suggests – real spirits. This photographer managed to snag one, though, at a spiritualist convention in 1968 where Robert A. Ferguson was speaking. He later claimed the ghostly man as his long-dead brother. But he would say that.

10. The Filipino Grabber

Apologies for the somewhat sensational title, but that’s literally what this phantom is – a man, in the Philippines, grabbing the arm of a girl. Of course, these girls had no idea that the ghost was there until they looked at the cellphone photo, but it must have added an eerie note to their night out.

11. Lord Combermere

Taken in 1891, the specter haunting the chair in this photo is supposedly Lord Combermere, a local noble from Cheshire in England. His funeral, which was being held four miles away, was in progress at the exact time as the photo was taken. He doesn’t look happy about the proceedings, that’s for sure.

12. The Wolfe Pub Spirit

We could make plenty of terrible jokes about spirits belonging in pubs, but in this case it’s no laughing matter. The image above is just one still from a full 35 second CCTV reel, in which a ball of light appears, floats around, and forms into a terrifying ghostly face. Experts have scoured the footage for evidence of a hoax, but it’s either legit or George Lucas’s special effects teams have wasted millions of dollars on a prank.

13. The Woman At Corroboree Rock

An oasis in the heart of the Australian outback, Alice Springs is also at the center of a number of important aboriginal spiritual sites. So it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to find ghostly footage nearby, except in this case it’s the ghost of a white woman. No explanation was ever offered for the famous 1959 photo, and we doubt that they’ll ever find one.

14. Denise Russel's Grandfather

What seems like a clear case of pensioner photobombing is actually a little bit freakier than that. First off, the man in the background (the husband of the woman in the photo) had died 12 years later. Even more mysteriously, this photo was taken in 1997, more than a decade before photobombing was even invented. An elderly person ahead of the times? We don’t think so.

15. A Mysterious Pilot

Another British haunting, this time in a retired army helicopter, on display in Somerset. The person in the photo is one Mrs. Sayer, who claims that she was alone at the time the photo was taken, and that the ghostly figure only cam out when the film was developed. In case you were wondering, that’s the ghost on the left.

16. The Scotland Tea Lady

Poor ghosts. Most of them died well before the era of constant surveillance, and have no idea they’re being watched when all they want is some down time. Or tea, like this woman who was captured on CCTV in a teahouse in Perth, Scotland. Talk about invasion of privacy.

17. The Ghost Of The Oak Grove Bridge

Several stories have appeared to explain this spooky photo, which was taken one night in Oak Grove, Kentucky. Locals claim that a woman was murdered on that very bridge in the 60s, and that her body still walks back and forth endlessly. It certainly has the whiff of ridiculous urban legend about it, but who are we to judge? We’re not going to go anywhere near that bridge.

18. The Brown Lady of Raynam Hall

We could argue for hours over why this apparition would be dubbed “The Brown Lady” from a black and white photograph, but the truth is all that matters. This photo, taken in 1936 in Norfolk, England, would seem to hold up to any examination, and the figure is clearly a human form. The only thing our generation would really want to know is: what color is the dress?

19. The Bachelor's Grove Thinker

One of creepiest places in the US, the abandoned Bachelor’s Grove cemetery brings amateur paranormalists in from across the country. One of them snapped this picture in the graveyard, which – like many of the other photos – had no-one in frame until it was developed. The photo is just one of hundreds of reports that have come from the site. This woman looks tired of them, to be honest.

20. Boothill Cemetery Cowboy

Nothing in this photo seems real, from the way that Terry Clanton’s cowboy friend stands superimposed over the backdrop, to the complete lack of graves at what is supposedly a cemetery, to the crouching figure who’s not meant to be there. But it’s 100% legit, apparently, and no-one has any idea who the man is. Looks like he was just caught trying to relieve himself.

21. The Hampton Court Doorman

The royal palace in London has been said to be riddled with ghosts, but this was the first definitive proof that something was amiss. Even more strangely, he was captured on CCTV footage, immediately ruling out our quirky human brains or tampering. With that many ghosts in the building, he was no doubt trying to air the place out.

22. Helpful Children

It’s not so much the photo (which just looks like bad watermark) as the backstory that makes this one chilling. Since a horrific accident in the 40s claimed the lives of several children at this rail crossing in San Antonio, motorists who stop on the tracks claimed to have had their car pushed by “unseen forces”. Now why can’t more ghosts be helpful instead of terrifying?

23. The Newby Church Monk

What do you do when you’re a 16th century monk that’s been dead for 400 years? Just chill, apparently. The guy in this photo looks quite at ease with his surroundings – almost as if he’s posing. And before you ask, the photo was taken in 1963, well before the movie Scream had come out. So it can’t have been an awesome prank.

24. The Tulip Staircase Apparition

We don’t exactly know what’s going on in this photo. Is that two ghosts? Or one with three hands? Why do they look like they’re being sucked out of a plane? Who keeps taking photos of staircases? How do those steps even work? This image is going to haunt our dreams for weeks.

25. The White Lady

The vicar of Worstead church in England already knew of the white lady, who had been haunting his church for centuries. Supposedly a healer, she wasn’t ever captured on film until this surprising phot was taken in 1975. Skeptics might say it’s just a bright patch on sunlight falling on a real life person, but the photographer claims that there was no-one there. We want to believe.


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