25 Strange Objects Found in X-Rays and the Shocking Stories Behind Them - #23 Will Stun You!

Jay Dawson December 8th 2016 Entertainment
X-Ray imaging has given us the opportunity to peer inside the human body like never before, but sometimes these visions are better left unseen. From miraculous escapes from deadly weapons, to household objects in all the wrong places, these photos have left scores of doctors shaking their heads in disbelief. If you think some of these are hard to swallow, spare a thought for the bodies they ended up in!

1. A Knife In The Head

There’s a lot of things the human body can put up with, but this one’s pushing the limits. The x-ray belongs to a young man who bravely attempted to stop a robbery back in 2008, only to get 6 inches of steel through his skull for the trouble. Luckily for him (and unfortunately for the robber), the hero not only survived but was coherent enough to testify in court later.

2. Cobblestones

The award for “Dumbest Romantic Gesture” goes to this Chinese girl, who got so upset with her boyfriend that she decided to eat a whole bunch of cobblestones. Initially she though that they would pass through eventually, but unlike her boyfriend they stuck around. Sounds like she had rocks in her head as well.

3. A Wedding Ring

How this ring got from the bottom of a milkshake into a woman’s stomach is anyone’s guess. Usually if your engagement ring is so small it can fit up a straw, you should save up your money for a little bit longer. You should probably also rethink your proposal – fishing a ring out of the toilet is no-one’s idea of romance.

4. A Pepsi Bottle

In a unique twist on the Pepsi challenge, two men in Pakistan inserted a cola bottle in the (really) wrong hole of a 60-year-old man. Just to add insult to the already insulting injury, they then proceeded to steal two of his prized buffalo. The victim reported that he “wasn’t going to take the incident sitting down”.

5. Bed Springs And Batteries

No, it’s not a classic Disney film. It’s a little darker than that: this is what they found in the stomachs of some prisoners in North Carolina. It doesn’t seem like the smartest idea, and we don’t even know what they were smuggling them for. Was it some ingenious escape plan, or were they going to secretly enter a project in the local science fair?

6. Cell Phone

The worst part of going to prison is that you have to give up your iPhone, which most people can’t even bear for five minutes. This prisoner in El Salvador certainly couldn’t handle it, and tried to smuggle it in using his natural secret compartment. Good idea – just chuck it in some rice on the other end and it’s ready to go again.

7. A Light Bulb

Doctors in Pakistan had to extract this light bulb from the large intestine of a prisoner, but he had no clue as to how it got there in the first place. Which sounds like a big fat lie, although we’d be too embarrassed to admit it as well. Putting it up there wasn’t his brightest idea, that’s for sure.

8. A Big Old Bullet

DIY home health remedies got taken to a whole new level when this frantic individual tried to fix his hemorrhoids. Thinking that his intestines were falling out, he grabbed the closest thing handy to push them back in – in this case, a live ammunition round. It got stuck, he finally decided to consult a medical expert, and the bomb squad got called in for good measure. We don’t think he’ll be telling his buddies about this one.

9. The Handle Of A Bathroom Tap

… and it seems the rest of the plumbing, too. In a freak accident, Chinese man Yi Zhao took a tumble in his bathtub and ended up with one of the taps sticking out of his eye socket. Surprisingly, he didn’t panic (we would have) and instead of trying to remove it from his face, he got the whole fixture out of the wall and took himself down to the hospital. As calm as you like.

10. A Fork And A Cockroach

What sounds like the punchline to a terrible joke was just a really terrible idea. An Israeli woman who swallowed a cockroach tried to dig it out of the back of her throat with a fork, only to end up with both of them down the hatch. Next time, eat at a better restaurant.

11. A Bunch Of Keys

A new nightmare was added to every mother’s list when the year-old Nicholas Holderman found a way to jam an entire set of keys into his skull. Like every accident involving babies, there’s no idea how it happened, but Nicholas did survive and recover well. A happy ending to an “unlocky” event.

12. A Bread Knife In A Puppy

We’ve had a dog before, and we know that they’ll literally eat anything. There’s no mystery as to how a St. Bernard puppy ended up with a 13-inch blade halfway down its esophagus – it probably just had traces of peanut butter on it. The real mystery is why they had to wait four days before surgically removing it.

13. An Arrow

Turns you don’t need modern weapons to cause some serious damage. This x-ray image is from a boy in china, whose friend accidentally shot him in the head while playing with a bow and arrow. Despite passing through his eye socket and through to the back of his skull, the boy survived. Although we’re guessing the friendship didn’t.

14. A Spice Pestle

When you walk into the emergency ward with something strange stuck up your ass, you’d better have a good excuse. Clearly the 40-year-old man who got a pestle lodged up there hadn’t had time to think of one, since he reported to medical staff that he had “slipped while cooking Malaysian food”. It’s so stupid it has to be true – and hopefully he wasn’t grinding chilies with it!

15. An Electric Blanket Inside A Burmese Python

It’s not just humans that get into these embarrassing situations. This unfortunate Burmese Python decided that it had had enough of being cold blooded, so it dislocated its jaws and swallowed an electric blanket. It went in for surgery later when it realized it couldn’t find the end of the cord.

16. Scissors

Although most moms would claim that this is what happens when you run with scissors, the truth is far weirder. How did these scissors end up there? Well, someone was using them as a toothpick when his friend told a particularly funny joke, and they laughed so hard they accidentally swallowed them. I’m sure the doctors got a giggle out of it, too.

17. A Nail

When Patrick Lawler visited his local clinic complaining of a toothache, the dentist was at first mystified. After he couldn’t immediately find the cause, they turned to the x-ray machine for help, which revealed something far more surprising: a nail passing all the way through the roof of his mouth and into his brain. Patrick couldn’t explain how it got there, although with that kind of brain trauma a little memory loss is understandable.

18. A Pair of Surgical Scissors

If you’re looking to commit medical malpractice, the best thing to do is get rid of the evidence. These Australian surgeons forgot the golden rule and left a whole pair of scissors inside a patient, Pat Skinner. They only realized their mistake a year and a half later when Pat came back complaining of severe stomach pains. Oops.

19. A Drill

Ron Hunt suffered a Bond-villain-like fate one day when he fell from a work ladder and on to his own drill. The drill went through his eye, right through his brain, and out the other side. Miraculously, he survived, and he now owns an eyepatch, a white cat, and a secret island lair from which to hatch world domination plans.

20. Another Knife In The Head

Most soldiers are probably used to a bit of danger, but not many of them would expect getting a knife through the head. We’re going to guess that this guy was pretty surprised, too, when he got four inches just above the eyes. Even more surprised when he survived the whole thing without complications.

21. A Massive Kidney Stone

We have no idea how kidney stones are really formed, and to be frank we don’t really want to know. Based on this x-ray, it seems like you need to either eat a bag of cement or have a love child with a giant ostrich. This insane 7-incher is from Hungary – it’s clearly a different way of life over there.

22. Magnets

There’s only one thing more attractive than magnets, and that’s candy to an eight-year-old. Haley Lents couldn’t resist these particular sweets she found around the house, only it turned out they were actually cunningly disguised magnets. She swallowed a bunch of them, and then presumably realized her mistake when she started gravitating towards the North Pole.

23. A Bunch Of Nails

Sadly, this one doesn’t come with a freakish tale of survival. This x-ray was performed on one Chen Liu, found murdered a decade ago, and it didn’t take them long to determine the barbaric cause of death: a nail gun. We’re guessing CSI took the rest of the day off.

24. A Grenade

If there’s one thing that most terrorists do, it’s plan their attacks carefully. Not so for this bright spark, who decided he would turn himself into a walking bomb by swallowing a hand grenade. Fortunately for the rest of us he forgot that once it was inside him, there was no way he could pull the pin.

25. The Leg Of A Barstool

Australia may be full of vicious wildlife and hostile landscapes, but the brochures don’t often mention the deadly furniture. In an outback bar fight, Shafique el-Fahkri discovered the painful way when he found himself at the receiving end of a rogue chair leg. The leg went all the way through his skull and into his neck, with fairly predictable results.


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