25 Objects People Have Actually Lost In Their Ass - #22 Will Stun You!

Ethan Tremblay November 30th 2016 Humor
Here is a friendly reminder from your favorite proctologist, Dr. Butt: don't stick items too deep up in poop chute. Humans and their assholes are sort of like dogs and their balls. The only difference being: It would feel awesome to lick your own balls, dumping concrete mix into your cornhole, not so much. You will not believe some of the items that people have had to have removed from their rectum. Anyway, here are 25 x-rays posted from random doctors across the web of random items stuck in people's butt. We must warn that once you see these images you can’t unsee them. #18 and #25 will absolutely shock you!

1. A Beer Bottle

We are ashamed to admit that we know what brand beer this is based on the shape of the bottle and now we can never buy it again.

2. A Cellular Phone

The butt dial to end all butt dials.

3. A Gun

In some states it’s legal to carry a concealed weapon. They never specify how you have to conceal it.

4. A Body Spray Canister

Do you think he was trying to make his farts less stinky?

5. A House Key

The key to his heart is really in his butt.

6. A Flashlight

Was this guy trying to be a firefly for Halloween or something?

7. A Peanut Butter Jar

All it needs now is some jelly.

8. A Tiny Toy Car

He took “park it in the rear” too literally. Vroom vroom.

9. A Billiard Ball

Looks like the cue ball.

10. A Pint Glass

That’s one way to do your dishes, I guess. How many of those did he drink before he was like, “I’ve got an idea.”

11. Spray Paint

Whatever color that spray paint was, it’s brown now.

12. A Live Shell

We also like to live dangerously.

13. Bottle In a Fake Hip

That’s not how you drink that.

14. Bottle With Retrieval Wire

Ah, the best-laid plans of ass and men. Never leave a fallen soldier behind, I guess.

15. A Lightbulb

Either this kid has a lightbulb up his butt, or his colon has a great idea.

16. A Knife

I bet that…cuts like a knife.

17. A Coffee Mate Creamer Lid

Just the lid, though. Can’t taint the creamer.

18. A Dildo

This was expected.

19. Another Dildo

So much variety!

20. A Dildo & Thongs

Toss that salad, I guess.

21. A Shampoo Bottle

How else am I gonna cure my chronic butt dandruff?

22. A Buzz Lightyear Action Figure.

To infinity and Beyond.

23. Instant Coffee Jar

Instant pain: This patient had self-inserted a jar of 'a well-known brand of instant coffee' with a number of pins stuck in the rubber inside of the lid.

24. A 50cm Long Eeel

Did this person actually eat an Eeel?

25. A Cement Enema

We saved the weirdest story for last. During a kinky sex session, two homosexual men decided to try something new. One man lay down and let the other man pour liquid cement into his anus using a funnel. Yes, really. Naturally, the cement didn't stay liquid for long, and when it hardened it became a huge mass of cement that had to be surgically removed.


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