Busted! 25 Celebrities Who Were Caught Cheating With Their Pants Down

Jay Dawson November 25th 2016 Entertainment
It’s hard to say what inspires people to go out and hurt the ones they love – or claim to love. It’s even harder to fathom the idea of keeping up a secret affair, month after month, when you could just break up with your original partner. But whether it was a chance meeting or deliberate act, these stars just couldn’t seem to resist the illicit chemistry. That is, of course, until they were caught. Most of them were ashamed. A few of them got away with it. And some, it seems, couldn’t even care less.

1. Billy Bob Thornton

There are a few ways to find out that your partner is cheating on you. You could surprise them in bed together, hire a private detective, even discover a well-worn love letter (or just a dirty text). Or you could be Laura Dern, who found out Billy Bob Thornton was cheating on her when she arrived home one day. The house was empty, and in her absence he had gotten married to Angelina Jolie. Ouch.

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