Photography Gone Wrong: 20 Of The Craziest Selfies Ever

TonyTwoGuns March 12th 2015 Humor
If you are a fan of selfies and like to keep up with what is going on in the virtual world, you have most likely encountered some of the strangest selfies ever. These selfies have either gone viral or totally flopped all together. Below you will find some of the craziest selfies ever.

#1 The Lawn Mower Man

We've all seen the movie, The Lawn Mower Man. Well, this selfie take it to an entirely new level. He can cut our grass any day of the week.

#2 Peanut Butter and Jealous

This is a selfie, which can incite a variety of responses. You might get hungry, sick or maybe even a little peanut butter and jealous.

#3 The Dare Devil

Sure, some people like adrenaline rushes, others are simply showoffs. This guy falls in the latter category, in our opinions.

#4 All Taped Up

This one is certainly difficult to describe. Anyone need to shave?

#5 You Don't Have Time for That

Sometimes, you just don't have for a selfie. You know, like a tornado headed your way? Run you idiot!

#6 Kick it!

Obviously, this is somewhat selfie and somewhat viral video. Still, if you know what happens, you'll enjoy it tremendously.

#7 Cat in the Coat?

We've all heard of cat in the hat, but cat in the coat? Still, you've got to give this guy credit for originality.

#8 That's Gotta Be Stolen

Come on! That bike is without a doubt stolen. Heck, it doesn't even fit him.

#9 A Big Bite

In some situations, people with money want to show it off, with a selfie. Here, she does and she pays for it. Thank you giraffe.

#10 When Nature Attacks

Another one, where nature attacks. Too bad she is about to be disfigured, because she is very attractive.

#11 The Gangsta

This boy is a straight certified gangsta! Don't believe it? Imagine this, he just outran the law for thirty minutes straight in GTA!

#12 The Skinny Photoshop Fail

Everyone wants to be skinny. Sadly, some people are willing to work for it, while others try to manipulate the system. Sometimes it works, but here it certainly didn't.

#13 Not the Right Time

People take selfies at all the wrong times. Here, it could potentially land this fool in the slammer.

#14 The Opportunist

When you see a celebrity, or a semi-celebrity, walking down your street, you've just got to go for it and this guy definitely did. Kudos to him.

#15 Taking it too Fire

This guy, who appears to be a redneck, is definitely taking the selfie bit a little too far. Perhaps he'll light his home on fire?

#16 When Things Don't Go Your Way

When thing don't go your way, you've got to have an escape plan. This lady's certainly wasn't the most effective way out, but it'll certainly work.

#17 Toaster Steve

You've got to know the story behind this one, but once you realize it, it'll blow your mind! Poor old Toaster Steve. RIP.

#18 Lovely Clock

Now I bet everyone wishes they had a beautiful pink clock like that. You sure wouldn’t have any trouble hearing it each morning.

#19 Hospital Selfie

This sweet lady figured she might as well pose for her fans in hospital bathroom. Well, hopefully it cheered her up because it sure did me.

#20 Baby Want Boobie

This guy definitely went out of his way to make everyone laugh. It looks like he is begging for a boogie.


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