The Top 20 Most Viral Videos Ever

TonyTwoGuns March 12th 2015 Humor
There are many people that like to participate in some crazy stunts and capture them on video. Others like to capture their children acting silly or doing something out of the ordinary. These individuals will get very lucky, in the fact that their videos gain recognition from all sources, including the main stream media. Below you will find twenty of the top viral videos of all times.

#1 Leave Britney Alone!

Britney Spears is a person, according to a teary eyed Chris Crocker. At least, he took the attention off of Spears and put it all onto himself.

#2 Sittin' on The Toilet

You have absolutely no sense of humor, if you don't find this one funny. Sure, everybody loves a good bowel movement, but not like this lady.

#3 Turtle Boy

Sometimes, live television can go wrong. Thankfully, in this one, the consequences are only hilarious. This boy is, without a doubt, a turtle lover.

#4 Bed Intruder

This viral video involves an unlikely hero. Let the video roll and allow the victim and her brother tell the story in a hilarious fashion.

#5 The Great Food Stamp Tragedy

Tragedies shouldn't be funny, but sometimes they are. In this one, granny only cares about her food stamps and nothing more.

#6 The Double Rainbow

It is nice to see someone take pleasure in mother nature. This guy might've had a little encourage from psychedelics.

#7 The Fire Boys

Oh my god girl! Sometimes, things that shouldn't be funny are. This is a prime example of that.

#8 Tay Zonday - Chocolate Rain

You've got to admit, it is certainly catchy. Tay inspired numerous parodies and it is unlikely he will ever be forgotten.

#9 Here Comes Will…and He's Dead.

Will wants to be a stunt man. He tried and failed. Just roll the video and enjoy.

#10 Casey The Bully Destroyer

Bullies need to be taught a lesson. Enter Casey, the Bully Destroyer. Karma has never been so sweet.

#11 The Tormented Bus Lady Gets Rich

The poor bus lady gets tormented on a daily basis. Finally, she gets a little redemption, when the video goes viral and donations begin rolling in.

#12 The Ambalamps Bus Fight

This senior citizen bus fight had all the making of the perfect viral video and it certainly achieve that status. Check the man's shirt, watch the video and enjoy.

#13 Crushing the Grapes

What could go wrong, when two news anchors face off in a fierce contest for a lavish trip?

#14 The Hamster Backflip, Kind of?

Hamsters aren't none for their athleticism. Instead, they're known for running on wheels, but this one is quite impressive.

#15 Oh! Charlie

Big brother is playing with his little brother Charlie. He bites his finger, but only laughs, when big brother yelps in pain.

#16 Would You Tase This Dude?

This University of Florida student is holding a formal speech, when the campus security decides to put a stop to his yacking.

#17 Crazy Keyboard Cat

Now! This friendly cat has some talents. I bet your kitty is jealous and wants to gain some notoriety like this little booger.

#18 Hey Jude

This little fellow definitely has some talent. He is impressive in his remake of “Hey Jude!”

#19 Screaming in Terror

This kid decides to take her dad on a rollercoaster ride, but he is definitely not prepared for what he is about to face. Pure terror shows on his face throughout the ride, then relief, when he realizes it is over, but he decided to do it again.

#20 Insanity at Its Best

This kid tries to impress his friends and his classmates, with an impressive stunt. Unfortunately it just does not turn out like it was supposed to.


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