Mother Reveals The Fiery Motorcycle Accident That Killed Her Son

Charlie Blacks II August 12th 2016 Other
Every day, we hop behind the wheels of our cars, vehicles, and motorcycles and hardly think twice about the fact that it might be our last time commuting anywhere ever. Vehicular accidents are one the deadliest events that occur in today’s society and yet at that the majority of us refuse to acknowledge how dangerous we are behind the wheel because we’re always in a rush. Well, this mother is using the death of her son to spread awareness about motorcycle safety not even a year after burying her child. If you got the guts, take a look at the video below to witness the death of two motorcyclists just having a good time.
Only a couple of seconds into the GoPro motorcycle helmet footage taken on August 30, 2015, you can see 22-year-old, Lewis Clark, on the far right of the screen, speeding on his bike on a mountain road in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England, when suddenly an opposing cyclist is seen speeding and veering past the group when they suddenly collide creating a massive fireball that sends both parties flying off their bikes and left burning in flames. The other cyclist, a German man, died on impact when he met head-to-head with Lewis Clark's bike, as you can see a body totally unresponsive and lying on the road pavement.
Clark was on the road while attending the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling Festival when the unrelated accident occurred. Beverley Clark mentioned that her son was drug and alcohol-free and expressed how much she misses her child every day. Unfortunately, now Clark’s mother, Beverley Clark, is left without a son but showed an amount of courage that many mothers probably wouldn’t display by broadcasting her son’s death to the world in order to save someone else’s son. All we have to say is, that we give our condolences to Beverley and the Clark family and to be cautious the next time you hop on your bike or get behind the wheel of your car, it could be potentially be your last time driving. Rest in peace, Lewis Clark.


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