Lion Attacks Toddler Live On Mexican TV Show

Charlie Blacks II August 12th 2016 Other
Humans have this instinctual feeling that we are at the top of the food chain and every once in awhile we need a clear reminder that that is a fallacy that we have been living by for quite a long time now. Think about it… Everybody loves to go to the zoo, but would you stick around after a zookeeper let a tiger out of its cage? Would you be willing to step foot in a territorial gorilla exhibit? How about take a dive with polar bears that are secluded to tight spaces and unnatural terrain? Exactly, none of you would be that ignorant to anything of the sort. But what about bringing your two-year-old around a young ‘human-adapted’ lion? Some of you might actually consider it. Think again, after watching the video below.
Believe it or not, this video is actually from a 2007 taping of the Mexican television show, Con Sello de Mujer, and recently resurfaced on the internet making it a viral sensation. As you can see in the video, the child is obviously agitated which draws the attention of the lion cub. You can clearly see in the video, the gears in the head of the small lion turning and prepares to pounce on the young girl. He gears up, makes his move, seeps his claws into the pants of the girl, and grips his jaw around one of her legs. In instant panic, the woman who appears to be her mother screams out while the handlers try to calm her and the male handler reaches his hand into the lion’s mouth and removes him from the stage. The woman taming the situation holds the crying baby close and coddles the frightened mother.
Alright… first of all, who thought it was a good idea to combine a cranky baby and a curious young lion and both stick them on stage? Also, why weren’t the handlers more cautious in putting distance between the lion and the child? Let us not even speak on the awkward smiles that everyone had on stage after the incident. If that were our child, somebody in that building would have been slapped with a lawsuit instantly! Anyways, the Seinfeld outro was a nice touch to the frazzled TV host who obviously didn’t know what to say or do. ‘Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave.’


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