MMA Fighter Fractures Opponent’s Skull Then Captures Him With PokeBall

Charlie Blacks II July 20th 2016 Sports
Since boxing has taken a drastic dive over the past decade and a half, mixed martial arts has taken the forefront in combat sports. Unfortunately, the sport is also one of the most dangerous fighting sports on the face of the planet. If you’re a fan of the multitude of fighting styles displayed throughout leagues like the UFC and Bellator, you’ve probably seen gruesome injuries from exploding cauliflower ears, to broken limbs due to fierce arm bars and self inflicted shin kicks, and stiff-bodied unconsciousness due to brutal blows to the head. We don’t know what it is, but we humans are some blood-thirsty animals, who enjoy this type of violent entertainment, and honestly we like it. Anyways, peep the flying knee that is being labeled as one of the worst injuries in MMA history.
Alright, so here we are in the second round of the fight as it comes to a close, when the svelte Michael ‘Venom’ Page delivered a flying knee that could be heard at the nosebleed sections of the arena, to the head of the burly, Brazilian Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos. As you can see the pro-fighter instantly falls to the ground gripping his head and kicking his legs as if he was trying to keep his brain from flying out his skull. The referee on site automatically stopped the fight and named ‘Venom’ Page the winner. This is where things got interesting… Page, unknowing of his opponent’s extreme injury, celebrated his win, by throwing on a Pokemon hat and rolling a Pokeball at the injured Cyborg, as if to catch him like he was a Pikachu in the middle of Central Park. It wasn’t until he was transported to the hospital that it was discovered that Cyborg Santos suffered a fractured skull from the blow to the head.
Luckily, for Santos Bellator agreed to pay for all of Santos’ medical procedures as well as his contracted pay for the fight. In good sportsman-like conduct, Page took to Twitter to announce that he will be donating funds towards Cyborg’s recovery GoFundMe page. The injury may be the final straw for the 38 year old, Santos’ MMA career. We’re glad Santos is alive and well, but the ironic thing about this whole situation is that now Evangelista Santos will technically be a cyborg after the surgeons repair his head with several metal plates.


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