Sewer Pipe Bursts Through Wall And Ends A Family Barbecue In Nasty Fashion

Charlie Blacks II July 20th 2016 Humor
We here at JellyShare have a serious inquiry and public service announcement about the quality and inspection of the piping in your homes and neighborhoods. Seriously, when’s the last time you even thought about the pipes, clamps, and screws that transfer your unwanted waste and water to the proper channels in order for it to be treated…? Exactly, it hasn’t crossed your mind at all, probably since the tragic events of the Flint Water Crisis. We should all keep in mind the maintenance and attention even the crucial parts of our society that might not be in plain sight or under ground. For example, take a look at this group of family and friends enjoying a sunny day cook out and how it took an instantly troubling and smelly turn for the worse.
Usually, silent films are supposed to be funny, semi-complex, with a plot twist… This particular footage did have a plot twist, but it was nowhere near funny or complex and there was no Charlie Chaplin sighting in the 40 second clip. Can you imagine gathering your family and friends for a little fun in the sun, burgers and hot dogs, only for members of your party and the freshments to be swept away by a steaming pile of sewer waste? Welp, that’s exactly what happened here. Also, notice how the gentlemen in the middle of the screen in the white and black shirt noticed something was brewing as the gentleman in the yellow shirt began to move away from the explosive combo of human excrement and neighborhood waste. Let us also point out the fact that an entire wall collapsed during the process and nearly drowned the man in the green shirt as he was the last to escape the poop water. Talk about gag worthy…
We want to know how much pressure those pipes were under in order for an entire wall to come down, if the survivors were forced to get any shots, and if the group there is still friends with the guy who threw that cook out. For those that were able to escape through the narrow passageway at the bottom of the screen, which we personally believe were the most athletic, way to stay on your toes and come out unscathed. As for those the victims that were nearly drifted off by liquid feces, like a river scene in an action flick, may God be with you and we wish you a full recovery from the trauma you have suffered.


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