Texas Inmates Break Out Of Holding Cell To Save Correctional Officers Life

Charlie Blacks II July 11th 2016 Entertainment
With the police violence and citizen violence on the rise, we truly needed a story like this to rise to the forefront. It seems like every other day now we hear about a story that ends in tragedy due to gun violence, whether it be terroristic acts against communities that are only striving to be recognized, or men and women that are treated inhumanely by what are supposed to be our authority figures. From the looks of things, the infrastructure of our society is crumbling from the inside in. Luckily, what these shackled men did to save this prison official has restored our faith in humanity… at least a little bit. Take a look at the video below and let it be known that you should never judge a book by it’s cover… shackles and pinstripes or not.
As you can see in the video, a guard slowly slumps out of a chair while monitoring several prisoners in a holding cell. The prisoners in preparation to face the judge, noticed the guard who choose to remain nameless, fallen due to a sickness and choose to take action. The prisoners were able to open the holding the cell in which they were to remain to captive and immediately called for help. After banging on every door in sight and screaming to the top of their lungs, the other prison guards on duty began to charge the holding cell area, hoping for the worse only to find the prisoners huddled around the fallen correctional officer. They were escorted back into the holding cell, where they watched the officer receive CPR from a startled CO, and then watched the paramedics deliver a shock and CPR to revive the man back to life. Talk about guardian angels eh?
Honestly, we believe that society as been out of touch with the basic beliefs that mankind has instilled. If you see someone in need, provide the aid they need in order for them to become a sustainable strong link needed in order to comfort someone else. Regardless of people’s mistakes, even if they do land in the bing, know that they have a heart, a family, a conscious to want to help someone in need. We’re not saying you have to get along with Jeffrey Dahmer or anything, but let it be known that are good people locked behind bars as well. And this group of human beings that saved this correctional officer is proof of just that. Help each other.


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