Naked Russian Man Escapes From Prison From Tiny Meal Window

Charlie Blacks II June 22nd 2016 Entertainment
We have a history of wild Russian stories on our website. Seriously, we’ve had stories about a Russian man digging a tunnel in order to steal 60 bottles of vodka, or a Russian man who left the hospital just hours after getting surgery only to get a beer from a local liquor store in his hospital gown, to the Russian man who was pronounced dead after partying with his friends by a mortician only to wake up in a morgue and go back to drinking with his pals. Now that we think about it… Russia might have a serious drinking problem. Anyways, on this edition of weird Russian news, we have a man who escaped from jail in probably one of the most creative and unconventional ways we’ve ever seen. Check it out right now, it’s quite... awkward.
This past Saturday, on June 19th, a 25 year old robbery suspect by the name of, Rustam Shakhrutdinov was caught on a security camera of a jail in the southwestern city of Izberbash, squeezing himself through the meal hole that the usual Russian prison slop of potatoes and tasteless beef stroganoff is served through. Anyways, this video is one of the most uncomfortable things we’ve seen lately being that it appeared as if the door was giving birth to a full grown man. The fact that he plopped out of the door naked doesn’t help either. The Russian media has dubbed the man with the nickname of "Snake Man" and from the looks of things, his stay in jail is only going to lead him into permanent solitary confinement. The funniest thing about this entire video is how casually he puts his clothes on after picking himself and his genitals off of the prison floor. Seriously, could he have taken any longer? And where are the prison officials that are supposed to on duty monitoring these criminals?
Probably the strangest part of this entire story is that the Izberbash jail never confirmed if the Rustam was apprehended or not… Are they hiding the fact that this man literally wiggled his way out jail? We might think so. As for Russia as a whole, we here in America might be your competition, but we’re seriously concerned about you, you need help and this is evident. As for Rustam AKA the Snake Man, we must salute him for being slippery as well as calm, cool, and collected while breaking out of prison. Pretty bad a**.


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