Crazy Teens Set Fireworks Display On Fire In Wal-Mart

Charlie Blacks II June 22nd 2016 Entertainment
Every day hundreds of thousands of people go to Wal-Mart to pick up their day to day essentials. That’s the one place in America where you’re liable to see almost anything. From old toothless hags wearing moo moos, to chubby confederate flag hat wearing hillbillies buying corn dogs in bulk, and to soccer moms in a rush speeding through the self check-out stand. Wal-Mart is a world similar to that puppet movie, Labyrinth, you never know what crazy characters you’re going to run into or what’s going to happen at any turn, down any given aisle. But with 4th of July right around the corner, Wal-Mart is carrying fireworks at select cities around the country. Unfortunately, the equation of fireworks plus Wal-Mart plus Wal-Mart shoppers equals disaster. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the video below for yourself.
As you can see in the initial frames of the video, an entire aisle was set ablaze complete with popping fireworks and flames nearly touching the roof of a Phoenix, Arizona Wal-Mart. You can also see panicking customers taking cover and running from the scene with their carts and products in hand. From the surveillance footage, you can see a noble and dedicated Wal-Mart employee throwing near by merchandise away from the firework flames, and personally we hope she was given a raise after possibly risking her youthful glowing skin for a lousy Wal-Mart salary. Later in the footage, the tape shows a group of teens turned arsonists execute what they thought was a harmless prank that turned into an all out evacuation-necessary crime that could have led to people getting hurt or even worse dead… The fact that these cornballs thought that this was a good idea to set a public indoor fireworks display on fire and high five each other like they just won their high school homecoming football game shows us how truly reckless these suspects are. Did they think that they were going to get away with this and did they not think about their faces being plastered all over the news? How dumb.
The scariest thing about this entire incident is that shoppers and employees had initially thought that someone had opened fire in the store, which makes total sense after the recent mass shootings that have been taking the country by storm. Unfortunately, these teens are still at large and the Phoenix Police Department doesn’t plan on resting until they are caught. The good thing is that Wal-Mart followed the proper procedure and got everyone out of the building within minutes and surprised the fire department by providing them with a full report on the incident and how quickly the evacuation process took. The fire was put out within ten minutes and the fire department treated everybody at the scene for smoke inhalation. Fortunately, no one was hurt but, these teens really need to be taught a lesson. We hope that they are brought to justice soon.


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