Shocking Footage Of The Restaurant Terrorist Attack In Tel Aviv Caught on Camera

Charlie Blacks II June 12th 2016 Other
The world is in a very turbulent climate these days, especially with rising gun violence and a fascist and political clown being the two closest people to lead the free world next year. With things spiraling out of control and hope for a brighter tomorrow becoming more and more dim, we’re hit with another terrorist attack caught on film. With disasters and acts of blatant terrorism becoming the norm all over the world, sometimes we wonder if we can press the reset button on our struggling civilization. It’s hard medicine to swallow and a dark way of seeing things, but after watching this you might reconsider our theory.
As you can see in the surveillance video from the June 8th incident, almost instantly a panic is seen drawn from the doors on the right of a restaurant in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel at Sarona Market. You can see two men in black suits enter the dining area of the local eatery holding firearms and shooting at any and everyone in sight, leaving a total of four lifeless bodies at the end of the entire ordeal. You can see an older gentleman collapse as he was shot in the midsection his body go lifeless before the two suspects ceased fire, and one of the men angrily throws his gun to the ground in frustration. The good news about this situation is that one of the suspects was forced to meet his maker via police gunfire, which is also on tape. The bad news is that the other suspect was able to get away in the midst of all the panic in the area.
This is a touchy situation being that we’ve seen the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and the violence brought on from both sides. Since the incident, Israel has revoked over 83,000 Palestinian entries and holds the residents of Gaza responsible for this tragedy. When in reality how could two men with machine guns get past several Israeli checkpoints during the most sacred month in the Muslim faith, Ramadan. We’re not sure to suggest if there is foul play on the side of Israel, but we do know that we hold the victims that lost their lives today close to us. We’re not totally knowledgeable of the foreign affairs that plague the middle east, but we do know that one day we’ll need to find a common ground and grow to respect and love one another regardless of religious faith. Let’s hope we figure something out before the universe decides to pull the plug on what should be such a simple concept we call life.


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