Shocking Footage Of Woman Beating Up Man In Elevator After He Tried Groping Her

Charlie Blacks II May 5th 2016 Other
We would like to consider ourselves as thoughtful, functioning members of society, so when our significant others, mothers, daughters, nieces, and other close ones of ours are handling their business in amongst society we tend to worry about their well being. It’s hard to be a lady out here, always having to consider the possibility of their safety being at risk. There’s a lot of creeps wandering the city streets and just waiting for the right moment to prey on a loved one of ours. It’s deeply concerning, disturbing, and truly scary that all of these young ladies and women have to keep in the back of their mind that they are at risk while jogging in a park or walking to their car in the grocery store parking lot. Unfortunately, we live in a world where weirdos and perverts can roam the streets freely but luckily now with the spread of awareness and helpful tools like mace, stun guns, and tasers our loved ones can ward these sick individuals off and return to safety. Then there’s young women like the woman in this video… She didn’t need the assistance of a taser or mace, she handled this situation with her own two fist and swift legs. Take a look for yourself below!
A surveillance video in China shows two people in an elevator awaiting to arrive to their selected floors. Almost instantly, the dressed in dark clothing slides behind the woman placing his chin over his shoulder as the woman looked down at her mobile device. Wisely, the woman moves to the other side of the elevator seemingly unbothered. Not noticing that his weird advances were unwanted he then slides behind the woman again and places a hand on her shoulder, but this time instead of moving the woman retaliated like she was the missing fourth member of Charlie’s Angels. She quickly hit the man’s hand off her shoulder, hit him with a grade-A pimp slap, then proceeded to kick the guy the nads, and finally closing the ordeal with a knee to the face that could have possibly broken his nose as the man was bent over writhing in pain. As the man laid in the corner of the elevator the woman then casually strolls off of the elevator as if nothing even happened… badass.
For some reason, some people just don’t know when to stop, or somehow don’t understand the meaning of no, or even when their presence is creating a feeling of uneasiness and is unwanted. Honestly, we don’t know if these creeps have aspergers or are really just out here to try to take advantage of women smaller and weaker than them. We want to create an environment where everybody feels and is ensured to be safe, so things like this wouldn’t have to happen. Obviously, this man picked the wrong woman to prey on and ended up becoming a victim to a combo many of us have seen in mixed martial arts fights. Let this be a lesson for all of you predators out there, be very aware that these women are no longer having your sh** and are standing up for themselves. We’re building a thought process and community that will allow women the freedom to do as they please and display their equality to their male counterparts and if you need an a** whoopin’ to be convinced, that could definitely be arranged.


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