Gross Footage of Chinese Man Swallowing Live Frogs Fish and Tadpoles

Charlie Blacks II April 28th 2016 Humor
We here at JellyShare would like to consider ourselves as food enthusiasts. There’s no better way in the world to connect with people and other cultures than through sharing a meal from a said culture or people. From the fish ball soup of China to the dirty rice of the Caribbean Islands, the clash of different flavors and spices from place to place tells a story of heritage and tradition creating cultural taste palettes that passed down from generation to generation. Then things get more extreme when it comes to what we would consider as, strange cuisine, like escargot, better known as cooked snails, caviar AKA fish eggs, and black pudding, which is dried pigs blood cake, an English delicacy. But what this guy eats in this video, isn’t any cuisine we’ve ever seen before… Without any further ado, press play if you dare.
First and foremost, we were fortunate to find some translations of what this man in Shenyang, Liaoning Province was saying before he decided to swallow a jar full of frogs, tadpoles, and fish. Before slurping the amphibious creatures down like a protein shake the man said the following, “Let’s have a heroic challenge… One frog, two frogs, three frogs, plus a catfish, tadpoles... Look how big they are. Did you see? Let’s do this.” The man then tips the jar drinking majority of the water, with some dribbling onto his shirt, as the frogs, tadpoles, and fish held on to the side of the jar for dear life, then swallowing the slippery critters whole and alive! We’ve heard of some Chinese dishes that involve live animals and sea creatures but we’ve never seen anything like this before. There’s not too much we can say about this other than, this is pretty gross and his thumbs up at the end didn’t make things any better.
We’d personally like to interview this guy just to ask him what his true intentions were by him filming himself eating live creatures whole. Was he trying to start the next ice bucket challenge? Was he trying to show off his unique taste palette? Was he trying to impress his crush of many years by eating whole live animals? We really would like to know, but from the looks of things this wasn’t his first time or last time eating live frogs, fish, and tadpoles. Regardless, we’re hoping this doesn’t become a trend.


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