Girl Films Footage of Large Tourist Boat Sinking Killing Three People

Charlie Blacks II April 25th 2016 Other
At one point in time it used to take hours to hear about the disasters and accidents that happen to a mass amounts of people. We’d either have to wait until the evening news or we hopped in the car to hear about the latest news affecting one part of the world. Now with the help of technology and easy access to quality video cameras, these disasters and accidents can be filmed during the scene of the event from a first person perspective. We’re not saying that it’s a good thing that people are instantaneously picking up their camera phones during times of chaos, but at least these videos are available in order for the victims of disaster to have clear cut documentation of what exactly took place. In all honesty, we think people should put down the cameras and focus on helping those around them during such terrible times. With all that being said, take a look at this footage that arose from a 100ft catamaran carrying over 100 tourist and crew members off the coast of Costa Rica in January of last year… We should tell you, the footage you are about to witness is pretty graphic, proceed with caution.
At the time, 21 year old, Alexis Esneault, was on vacation while she was filming a tour cruise off the coast of Costa Rica on her GoPro handheld camera. In the video you can see the heavy waves formulating on the water and you can virtually feel the boat tipping to the left. It didn’t take long before the panic and anxiety set in as people slid from one side of the boat to the other and began taking on a rush of ocean water. The 100 plus passenger catamaran quickly tipped onto it’s side trapping people under the upper deck’s blue canopy. You can see people’s heads bobbing in the water as Alexis holds on to nearby railing before the boat totally went under. You can hear the screams and see struggling tourists hanging on for dear life as the boat quickly sank, and the water taking Alexis under. The aftermath of sinking cruise ship resulted in the death of three elderly passengers, Ivor Stanley Hopkins, 80, Edna Oliver, 68, and Sharon Johnson, 70.

The survivors floated among the dead and all you are able to hear is the rushing water and screams of terror from the floating tourists as they awaited to be rescued. Nearby private boats took on as many passengers as they could as they waited for rescue boats and officials to arrive. Most of the people were forced to remain in the water for over an hour before being rescued and transported to a multiple emergency centers off the coast. The National Meteorological Institute had issued a warning about strong winds off the coast of the island, but the port captain authorized the boat to set sail that day.
We’re not exactly why this footage is just now surfacing but bless the souls that lost their lives that day while just enjoying some earned time off while in Costa Rica. We always try to prevent these things from happening, the signs of something like this occurred, the authorities were warned, and went through with risking lives anyway. We’re not placing blame, but we definitely need to be more careful. As for Alexis Esneault and the rest of the survivors, keep faith and stay strong, we hope it’s been a brighter and prosperous year for you guys.


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