Students Fight Teacher After Being Accused Of Cheating On A Test

Charlie Blacks II April 22nd 2016 Other
This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this happen… It seems like every other week we see a video of a teacher having a nervous breakdown in front of their students, or kid’s fighting in a classroom and ignoring the teacher’s presence, or a straight up brawl between student and teacher. This current generation seems to have lost respect for it’s elders and authority figures. We can sit here and argue about where we went wrong and who’s to blame for this generation’s amount of disrespect but today we’re here to partake in the debauchery. Press play on the video below and see how quickly things escalate in this overseas institution.
We told you guys things escalated quickly. As you can see, there was a short banter between student and teacher, a tug of war between some stationary, we can also see that the teacher made the first physical contact by grabbing the student‘s throat. After making first contact, the swings came in flying from multiple students as he was backed into a corner. Once the onslaught of windmill punches and kicks slowed down, the teacher approached the supposed cheater and slapped him like a Dave Chappelle, Rick James skit. Once again, the onslaught of punches and kicks returned from a gang of students… and again the teacher delivered another pimp slap which brought the gang of students right back with another flurry of kicks and punches.
What exactly did we learn from this video other than majority of these kids have no fighting form and that violence is not the answer? Eh, honestly not a lot, but both parties were in the wrong in this situation. The children were wrong for ganging up on their teacher and the teacher was wrong for resorting to violence almost instantaneously. Honestly, we’re hoping to have an updated video with captions attached but we have a feeling this video might get swept under the rug like a lot of the classroom violence we see today. There’s obviously a disconnect between the generations because this type of thing is becoming a common occurrence. I think our education system needs a find a way to communicate clearer and reach the youth, so that they can become prosperous and respectable individuals. This isn’t the way… but we will find one, one day.


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