Audi Service Technician Gets Caught On Dashcam Speeding & Doing Coke

Charlie Blacks II April 22nd 2016 Other
Alright, we’ve all done something we weren’t supposed to do while at work. If it’s something as small as take a pack of paper clips home from the office supply closet, or something as crazy as inserting your genitals into the baked beans during your shift at the local BBQ spot. Let’s just hope, you’re not as crazy as to try something like that… Anyways today we have a service technician of the prestigious car company, Audi, who was unknowingly filmed while he was supposed to be doing some maintenance work on a customer’s vehicle. You would think someone working for a luxury car company would be professional and very careful while on the job but nope… Matter of fact, just take a look at what this guy did during his shift on this hidden dashcam.
So, this joyride footage occurred in Palo Alto, California, a suburb outside of San Francisco. In the video you can see a worker pacing outside of the car and the camera catches him saying, ‘this is going to be fun!’ Once entering the car, the man almost instantaneously takes off to dangerous and obvious illegal speeds. He joyrides around for a minute until he gets the itch to take things to another level. How does he fulfill this itch you might ask? By pulling over and snorting what we assume is cocaine while in a stranger’s luxury vehicle of course. In which following his Tony Montana moment, he proceeded to drive at unsafe speeds in a tight-laned part of the city. In conclusion, this service member took a car that wasn’t his without permission, sped in said vehicle, did narcotics in said vehicle, and then continued to speed in the vehicle while high on drugs. We easily can count at least five criminal charges against this guy. Wouldn’t you feel violated if this happened to your car?
We’re assuming this guy has to file for unemployment now. What a dumba**. Seriously, employers should have a better mental evaluation system during the hiring process in order to avoid situations like this from occurring. We would like to ask this guy was it worth his job to get high during his shift and drive dangerously in someone else’s luxury car. Luckily, nothing else worse happened during his joyride. He could have damaged the vehicle, or even worse damaged himself with his reckless driving and being under the influence. Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, please respect your workplace and remain professional while on the clock. Doing something dumb, while at work is never worth losing the income.


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