Old Man Beats Up Racist After Repeatedly Being Called Racial Slurs

Charlie Blacks II April 22nd 2016 Other
Race relations have been a very sensitive topic in the past couple of years. With hundreds of unarmed minorities dying by the hand of authorities and the promotion of hate speech by a potential presidential candidate, things are getting tense in America. If only people were smart enough to know that race was invented, and is nothing more than a concept to divide and conquer the unknowing than maybe our societal environment wouldn’t be so hostile and we’d actually divert our attention to real issues. Ethnicity is tangible and real, race not so much… have you ever seen a yellow person? Are Native Americans actually red? If you’re trying to prove this ridiculous rhetoric, you’re a dumba**, sorry to say so, but you are. Anyways, until we can live in a world without the blinding concept of race, situations like the one below will continue to happen. Check out how this old man handled a young man after supposedly being called the n-word repeatedly while commuting on public transit.
Ok, so this video was originally posted to Twitter by a Chicago resident on their usual daily commute, and the uploader wrote this as the caption, ‘After being called 'n*****' over and over this old man had enough and beat the s**t out of this drunk racist dude.’ It’s so ironic that this guy who had a knee in his throat would think that he found his perfect victim in an older gentleman wearing a golfer’s hat and blazer. As you can see in the video, the racist drunkard begged the man to hit him and called him the n-word. Welp, ask and you shall receive because the old man tossed this little fella around like he was Stone Cold Steve Austin in a cage match. Also, you can catch a glimpse of the begging racist’s eyes meeting with the camera with a glaze that read ‘help me.’ Fortunately, the old gentleman had enough sense to whoop the youngster in the direction of the door and the young man rolled onto the subway platform. The old guy was even nice enough to somewhat gently toss the young man’s shoe at his head so he wouldn’t be barefoot in public. Also, it looks like the little guy lost control of his bladder and urinated on himself towards the end of the video… Poor little guy.
The authorities were notified and were on site after the incident but didn’t and still don’t seem to be looking to make any arrest any time soon. Now, we’re not condoning how the older gentleman handled the situation, but from the laughter and cheering from onlookers on the subway it appears that they did. Let this be a reminder to all you young guy’s out there that think you can just harass or take on any of our older counterparts… There’s a difference between ‘grown man strength’ and your newly discovered biceps that you just got from your twice a week gym sessions. Also, if you choose to be blatantly racist and provoke people, prepare to defend yourself, there’s no telling how someone’s going to react. Seriously, don’t be like this guy and if you choose to at least put your hands up.


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