Graphic Video Shows Monster Alligator Eating Another Alligator

Charlie Blacks II April 15th 2016 Other
Usually, we think cannibalism we think about people in a jungle somewhere snacking on some unsuspecting guy wearing cargo pants and a safari hat. Or we think about classic zombie scenarios that still get people hyped whether it be the latest zombie horror film or today’s TV supershow in The Walking Dead. As for us, we like to go a little classic with our cannibal imagination and watch the grindhouse movie great, Cannibal Holocaust, that led to the director being hauled off by the police during its premiere… great movie, you guys should check it out. Anyways, with all that being said, cannibalism isn’t that rare from our own species to other species. If you’ve ever had multiple goldfish and one of them dies, most of the time the others are snacking on the remains of their fallen amigo. Apparently, this goes the same for today’s living dinosaurs in alligators. Except that neither alligator has to be dead, and anyone is liable to become lunch on sight! Ok, once again… the squeamish might want to think twice before pressing play on the video below, for those of you sick bastards who can’t wait, let’s get to watching!
Alright, so this hefty alligator was recorded by Alex Figueroa, as he was taking a leisurely stroll through a nature reserve in Lakeland, Florida. He was able to capture the moment the gator had already had his fill of the much a smaller inner species and probably a distant relative of what is called a 11-12ft alligator. Towards the beginning of the video, you can see the gator tossing the small gator around like a ragdoll on a riverbank, almost like an unattended toddler playing in a bowl of spaghetti. Later in the video, you can see the massive beast on solid land with half the smaller gator hanging out of it’s mouth, like a doggy bag from your favorite restaurant. With bystanders and a crowd beginning to develop the huge alligator left the scene and returned to the water with his inner species snack clutched tight between his teeth for later.
Once again, thank the powers that be for the people in attendance to be smart enough to keep themselves far away from the dinosaur-like gator and not ending up being a second course. Also, we were able to learn that what Alex Figueroa caught on tape wasn’t as bizarre as people think. According to the good people at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, alligators may become cannibalistic in order to self-control their population or if food sources are scarce. Regardless, it’s still a pretty terrifying sight… It may be ok for gators or other animals to do but if you’re sick enough to have the idea of trying this yourself in the direction of another human being… you need help, the excuse of ‘population control’ isn’t going to fly in court.


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