Disgruntled Employee Chases Boss With Chainsaw Before Being Arrested

Charlie Blacks II April 15th 2016 Other
We’ve all worked jobs that we really weren’t into or passionate about and felt the need for change. Some us had even taken it a step further, in a worse direction, and worked jobs that we weren’t into and had to face either micromanaging employers and nosey co-workers. It’s nothing worse than waking up, day in and day out, only to go to a place where you’re not appreciated and you’re surrounded by a bunch of gossipy cubicle floaters. Luckily, there are some of us who were smart enough to detach ourselves from places and occupations like those and chase what they’re truly passionate about. As for this guy in the video below… he purely snapped… what makes it worse is that the guy didn’t even make past lunch before going on his workplace rampage. Actually, he didn’t even make it through his morning coffee. Take a look for yourself below.
The man being seen sprinting in this somewhat fuzzy footage is 44 year old, Jose Cortez. What led this man to a full fledged sprint in his boss’ direction with a revved up chainsaw in hand you might ask? To be honest, everyone is still trying to figure that out to this day. Cortez was called to do some contractor work for a tree trimming company known as the Southern California Edison storage yard in Torrance, a suburb outside of Los Angeles, California, and around 6:30am this outburst occurred. It began when Cortez threw a rock at a car then, Cortez chased his boss and other employees with a chainsaw. Afterwards he took a work truck and proceeded to do doughnuts on the work site and chase his co-workers around in the truck. The police arrived on site and Cortez thought that it would be a good idea to back up the truck in the direction of the authorities. The police then proceeded to shoot several rounds at Cortez, and surprisingly he was uninjured by any gunfire, but was still sent to a local hospital in order to make sure he was in good health before heading to the klink.
Honestly, this is on Grand Theft Auto levels of crazy, and no one on the work site is completely sure what sparked Cortez’s rampage. We’re just glad no one was harmed during the conflict. Cortez is now facing charges of suspicion of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism. Most say that he was just a disgruntled employee, and he had actually worked some small time contractor jobs for the company in the past. Jose Cortez has definitely seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre one too many times and probably didn’t take his medication that morning. Seriously, here’s a word of advice from us to you… just leave your crappy job before you end up doing something as brash and crazy as Jose Cortez. Oh, and if you have a feeling that someone at your job is on the verge of snapping, try to be friendly, if that doesn’t work, practice your sprints to ensure your safety.


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