Monkey Escapes From Zoo and Falls From Power Lines After Getting Shot With Sedative

Charlie Blacks II April 15th 2016 Other
At some point or time in our lives we’ve all made the joke of letting all of the animals in the zoo free in the middle of the night. Hell, Mike Tyson actually offered a zoo attendant $10,000 to open a gorilla exhibit so he could box a hostile primate… Which is why the guy will always be one of the greatest in our opinion, but that’s another story. We’re here today to talk about what could be one of modern day humans’ distant relatives sneaking out of a public zoo and attempting to become a real life version of Caesar from Planet of the Apes. What you see in the video below might disturb you if you’re an animal lover, but if you would like to be entertained by a mini version of the classic movie King Kong watch it!
Ok, so it wasn’t as good as King Kong being that this chimpanzee wasn’t gripping some hot blonde lady and pounding his chest but that fall was almost just as epic. This particular chimp goes by the name Chacha and he is a 24 year old monkey that escaped from the northern Japanese zoo known as the Sendai Yagiyama Zoological Park. He was strolling the streets and his whereabouts were unknown for nearly two hours before he was spotted atop a residential powerline, climbing the utility poles like trees, and swinging on the power lines like branches. As spectators gathered Chacha began to bare his teeth and become more active, luckily he didn’t do anything to brash and stayed high above and out of reach of any of the local residents. In the video, you can see the last moments of the chimp’s freedom stroll as he was shot by a tranquilizer dart and Chacha angrily tries to take a swing at the man in the mechanical tower once the dart pierced the furry fellow’s back. Shortly after being shot, we see Chacha take a dramatic plunge towards the ground where he fell into a blanket held up by zoo workers… sorta, they kind of missed the target and Chacha fell unto the ground already unconscious.
The zoo officials claim that Chacha was not injured by the fall but from the looks of the video, the chimp probably has a concussion. Honestly, this could have been a lot of worse than what actually occurred in Japan, April 14th. Luckily, he wasn’t able to get ahold of anyone, or he wasn’t shocked by the power lines. The zoo has yet to even release information as to how the chimp escaped the facility in the first place. One thing we do know is that the Sendai Yagiyama Zoo workers needs to work on their hand-eye coordination.


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