Graphic Video Shows Schizophrenic Man Stabbing Multiple People In Toronto Streets

Charlie Blacks II April 15th 2016 Other
Mental health has been an issue that has been getting brushed under the rug for years, but with occurrences of mass violent outbursts and strange acts happening everyday, mental health is becoming one of the most talked about issues in society. It’s a touchy subject, but we should definitely take cases like these more seriously in order to understand our sisters and brothers that suffer from mental illness. We’ve come a long way to understanding some of the most complex things on earth but have yet to discover the cause of some of the mental challenges that plague some people. We’re not condoning what this man in the video did below, but we do understand that there is a story that led to this horrific footage and we have the details. If you’re a little squeamish, we recommend thinking twice before pressing play, if not… here we go.
Before we get to the actual act of what happened earlier this year in Toronto, let us note that the man doing the stabbing, Shawn O’Neill, was discharged him from mandatory psychiatric care and supposedly considered ‘not a threat to public safety.’ Unfortunately, wherever he was hospitalized was terribly wrong, because O’Neill was able to stab four people in matter of minutes. His first victim, Christopher Young, was stabbed in his lower right abdomen. His next victim, as seen in the video was, jogger John Tedesco, who was unexpectedly stabbed in his lower back while running down Church St. His next victim, also seen in the video, was Australian ballerina, Sally Kaack, who suffered a pierced lung from the attack. O’Neill’s last victim, Jennifer Tran, fortunately was saved by her iPhone that rested in her chest pocket in front of what could have been a stab wound to her heart.
Luckily, none of the victims were critically injured but they will forever be scarred by what happened to them while living their everyday lives. Police later found Shawn O’Neill near the College subway station and is facing four counts of attempted murder. What do we have to do as a society to keep things like this from happening on our streets? Honestly, we think we just need more people that really care about mental health issues and the families that have to adjust to help their loved ones overcome their illnesses.


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