Easter Bunny Arrested After Fight With Customers At New Jersey Mall

Charlie Blacks II April 1st 2016 Other
Ok, so Easter came and went, as the religious holiday was in March this year and this time around the holiday came away with a few surprises from the Easter bunny himself. We’ve seen our fair share of mascot brawls, inappropriate Santas, and mall fights but what happened at this New Jersey mall is in a league all by itself. And no, we’re not talking about the costume worker passing out chocolate bunnies, peeps, and colored eggs either. There’s really no way to describe this… you guys should just take a look for yourselves below.
Ok, so this is kind of hilarious, the added commentary by the young man in the video is actually a bonus, especially since most of the time we encourage our pedestrian camera-people to shut their traps. Anyways, the man with the fluffy white tail and bunny feet seen charging through the crowd like Tupac at the Source Awards is 22 year old, Kassim Charles, who claims that 44 year old father and mall-goer, Juan Jimenez-Guerrero, ‘verbally and physically assaulted’ him after his one year old daughter slipped from his lap after taking their Easter picture together in the middle of the mall. After trading blows like they were in a bar brawl the two were taken into custody and treated for minor injuries at Jersey City Medical Center-Barnabas Health. Later the authorities found out that both Jimenez-Guerrero and Charles had outstanding warrants, Charles for ‘fare hopping,’ in addition to the aggravated assault and disorderly conduct the two were charged with for the incident that took place on March 20th.
We shouldn’t be laughing, we have a feeling that 22 year old Kassim probably needed that job, especially if he’s getting busted for not paying public transit fees. Unfortunately, things are only going to get harder for the kid. What makes this situation worse is that Juan and Kassim are the only two who really know what happened that sparked this middle of the mall brawl. All we have to say is, we hope they get everything settled in court and that they both can return to their regular lives as soon as possible. We do have some advice for all of you out there though, never underestimate the person behind those big glossy eyes, fake smiles, and oversized feet. You never know when they’ve had enough, and apparently this Easter bunny wasn’t having it that Sunday afternoon.


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