Wife-Beater Douses Judge With Gasoline and Threatens to Set Her on Fire

Charlie Blacks II April 1st 2016 Other
Who doesn’t hate going to court? The lines, the bureaucracy, the fines, the judgements, what’s there to like? Feeling the frustrations of having to wait to pay your parking ticket fines will get anybody’s blood boiling. We’ve seen some crazy things go down in courtrooms, from pleading and balling defendants, to angry family members that attack suspects of their murdered loved ones. This all goes to show you just how uncomfortable the courtroom environment is. But what happened in Brazil recently is sure to leave you in straight disbelief. This isn’t for the faint of heart or the the queasy types either, you may want to think twice before pressing play.
The man identified in this video goes by Alfredo José dos Santos, and in 2013 the woman doused in gasoline in the video is Judge Tatiane Moreira Lima, of the Butantã Court House in São Paulo. Back in 2013, Judge Lima had convicted Santos of domestic violence and just last week, Santos came for revenge. In the video, you can hear the deranged man yelling at the judge who is pinned under his knee dripping wet from gasoline, to claim his innocence and proclaim him not to be ‘a violent man.’ What a coincidence, eh? The terrified judge screamed, “No. No crime,” and Santos demanded that the police film her telling his daughter he’s innocent. Fortunately, the authorities had enough of the man’s bullsh** and sprayed the two with firefighting foam before the man could light Judge Lima on fire. Santos was apprehended and sent to a local hospital then transferred to the local police station. As for Judge Lima she was admitted into the hospital and released later the same day.
Think this video is the craziest part of this entire story? Unfortunately, it’s not. Authorities later found out that Santos was planning on becoming Brazil’s first suicide bomber and was carrying a Molotov cocktail and a toy dinosaur in his backpack. What’s the point of the dinosaur…? We have no idea. How was he going to become a suicide bomber with only a Molotov cocktail? Even better question, and we still don’t know. What we do know is, is that this man is TOTALLY violent and his crazy a** needs to be locked up. Good riddance Alfredo José dos Santos, we hope the next judge gives you an even harsher sentence.


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