Man Stabs and Kills 7-Eleven Worker Over Stolen Hot Dog and Beer

Charlie Blacks II April 1st 2016 Other
A lot of us have formed relationships with our local convenient store clerks, local liquor store owners, and 7-11 employees over the years. The majority of the time, this exchange results in small talk and kind gestures forming a bond no large corporation or supermarket can replicate. But do we ever think about what these people have to go through day in and day out, the possible threats they face, or the dangerous situations they find themselves in while just trying to earn an honest living? For the majority of us, this thought doesn’t even come across our minds, but after what happened in Los Angeles recently will give you a new appreciation for your local neighborhood store clerk. We have to warn you though, the images you may see are considered graphic…
March 25th, in Valley Village, Los Angeles County, a man in his 40s entered a 7-11 store off the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Chandler Blvd around 9:15am. The gentleman attempted to buy alcohol and a hot dog but was approached by Lagrima "Paulina" Lopez, a clerk working at the time, about the man possibly shoplifting from her workplace. The man ignored her advances and she followed the suspect outside, whom she was also followed by her husband and co-worker, Washi Ahmed, who was trying to defuse the situation. Unfortunately, Ahmed was too late as the man then pulled out a knife and stabbed Paulina several times and as he yanked his wife out of harm's way, he received what is now a lethal stab to his neck. The entire ordeal was caught on camera by a neighboring laundromat and the two were instantaneously rushed to a local hospital.
The only good thing about this situation is that the suspect was nabbed a couple of blocks away from the brutal crime scene after local authorities spotted him fleeing from the scene. The man is expected to be brought up on murder charges and the bastard deserves it. Lagrima “Paulina” Lopez lost her husband that day, but without him she may have lost her own life. And for this Washi Ahmed will forever be a hero. Take a little time out of your day to greet your local store clerks with kindness, some of them may have to overcome something as terroristic as this. Rest well, Washi Ahmed.


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