Top 10 Reasons Why Winter Sucks

Jenna Cooper March 11th 2015 Humor
Baby, it's cold outside. Which is one reason why, and at least ten reasons more, winter sucks.

10. The Sun is Hiding

The Beatles were wrong, the sun doesn't like to come out in the winter, which is why we don't like to go anywhere in the winter.

9. Severe Weather Alerts

Hide your kids, find your earmuffs. Those severe weather alerts can kiss my left mitten.

8. The Sniffles and Snots Are Your Worst Enemies

This woman truly knows what the sniffles and snots are. Jack Frost has nothing on her, ladies and gentlemen.

7. You Still Have to Go to Work

Are you the guy who delivered my pizza in below-freezing weather? Oops, sorry dude, just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't contribute to the world.

6. You Still Have to Take Your Pets Outside

Just because you don't want to go outside in the cold weather, doesn't mean you have to let your pets suffer. Unless you want your cats or dogs to try to kill you while you're sleeping.

5. Starbucks Will Make You Bankrupt

Still loving that fresh cup of coffee in the morning? Well, if you want to spend $20 a day on coffee since it's soooo freakin' cold outside, be my guest, and the bank's guest.

4. Your Face Falls Off Whenever You Go Outside

If you step outside during a brutal winter, unless you want your face to fall off, you want to look like this. This person is warmly winning.

3. Your Car Will Hate You

Sorry folks, but your car will look like this for about 4-6 months out of the year. A shovel and an ice scraper will be your best friend, maybe.

2. Partying in the Winter Sucks

Who really parties in the winter? I guess this kid, and all of his friends who already had the flu seven times this winter because of their love for beer.

1. Booty Shorts Aren't Allowed

Everyone loves wearing booty shorts, but in the winter, you'll just be scrutinized for the rest of your life.


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